A whole new level of confidence, Manchester United are not holding back anymore

Manchester United are not holding back in what they are doing and everything is because of one name, Jose Mourinho. Right before the start of the season, there were several issues concerning United fans regarding this team. Would Paul Pogba finally live up to his name? Was a 29-year-old centre midfielder the answer to our problem on replacing Michael Carrick? One more important question was whether Romelu Lukaku would tear apart teams and what would happen to Martial and Rashford? While we kept reminding ourselves how good Mourinho is, some may have had doubts, rightfully as United had lost the touch of the title contenders early in the past seasons and nothing was the same.

However, moving on from those ruthless question, things have changed for good. Even under the tenure of Mourinho, Old Trafford’s fear factor was indeed a problem and the team was scared of stepping up and scoring more which would cost points, in the end, the product was finishing sixth in the league. Despite all the glory, with three titles won, the fear was always there and sometimes Mourinho’s expectations were never met. With a new level confidence, United have turned back to their winner’s mentality behaviour resolving problems, winning and going back to entertaining. The team faced Crystal Palace this afternoon at Old Trafford which has returned to being the winner’s fortress again and every team who visits knows that they will be having a nightmare there. Not just the fans, it’s the team who has raised the bar lately, causing several pundits changing their mind over several things.

The above questions have all been answered and even a situation where the injury crisis hit, there is always someone replacing and playing really well. First things first, Paul Pogba has lived up to his price. It may be strange that we keep mentioning this, but rival fans have forgotten the days where he would be constantly remembered of being the most expensive transfer. This only shows one thing, he is over these comments perfectly showing the new level confidence within him. Nemanja Matic is himself the definition of calm, confidence and pure trust. With him, we have found an upgraded version of Michael Carrick and whoever is playing beside the Serbian, instantly becomes a better player, showing a whole new level of qualities.

A different type of striker, resolving the one problem we previously had, Romelu Lukaku has never held back, not even once. The great thing this season is that we are not even being depended on him. We keep winning 4-0 (or any other scoreline), but it’s not only about him, it’s about the ones supporting him as well. How great is this? Considering that we are currently top of the league, I’d say this is vital. My favourite topic surely has to do with the two players who were thought to be ‘mostly’ harmed by the signing of the Belgian, Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford.

How wrong were we? When you are almost moving to Italy, there are of course questions you need to be answered. Apparently, that linked move was meant to make the opposite effect and what an effect it has had. Anthony Martial is in from right now and there has come point where he doesn’t even care whether it is from the bench or he is in that Starting XI. This is new level confidence the Portuguese had in mind and healthy competition is always welcomed from Marcus Rashford who despite not scoring keeps assisting. How great is this? As we go into International Break, it is really hard not to be worried that the momentum might be ruined by injuries again, but thing is that the changes that have been made, have created a new level of fear towards the Premier League opponents.

Thinking of Marouane Fellaini as well, never, like ever in my dreams I would have thought that he would be an important figure to the well-structured team who is now winning comfortably even when the performances are not so great. Probably this was the problem, not being confident of something the team were capable of. Well, how about I tell you that this team full of confidence is now top of the league and also in a good run in the Champions League.

Written by Fabiola Cejku


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