Adnan Januzaj finally finding form at Sunderland

Currently on a long season loan at Sunderland, Adnan Januzaj seems to have finally pulled some good performances that are dragging attention. The Belgian is growing on confidence and this is helping him grow. Desperate to improve and show that the form back in 2013 wasn’t just something of a one season wonder or that he is was the shining light due to Manchester United’s poor season.

His hopes suffered a major blow as he got injured and had to spend at least six weeks out of the football pitch. After that hard period for the youngster, things have changed lately with him playing more and better, giving Jose and Moyes signals of what he is capable of. His performance against Watford was enjoyable for the youngster showing the best of him, his creative side. From the start it was Moyes that made him clear that he needs to grow up and stop blaming others for what had happened so far in his career and the only who is able to change that is Januzaj himself.

The main reason, Mourinho didn’t count on him for the new season was the fact that the lad wasn’t showing enough commitment that he really cared about playing for Manchester United and that was more than enough for the manager to send him on loan. He did start well, yet the frustration into him was preventing from performing. The problem is simple, he is talented but he doesn’t bother to try. This hasn’t gone unnoticed from his manager and it’s Moyes that is trying to show him the right way and make him understand that is all on him.

Moyes might not be a great manager and his time at United probably wasn’t exactly enjoyable for many United fans who ended up hating him but he is doing things well with Januzaj. When Adnan got back from injury, it was Moyes that pointed all his weaknesses and wanted more from him:

“Adnan’s general fitness is low and I want more from him. But his goal in midweek showed his ability. If he wants to go back and play for Manchester United he has to show it here.

“How does he get recognised? Get the assists and the goals on the board. I know he has Manchester United quality so he has to show everyone at Sunderland he has got this.”

A pure statement of the truth from the Scott who sees that Januzaj is desperate to get back at United, but also said to him that the quality he claim to possess needs to be displayed otherwise it will go unnoticed:

I have told him he has to look as if he’s running a bit harder, sometimes his body language gives you the feeling that he’s not.”

A player like him with in the 21 years of age isn’t being decisive for Sunderland, transforming into that game changer he hopes to become. Players with Januzaj’s talent should have the right attitude to single-handedly win the game for the club and impose fear to his opponents. Moyes however still thinks that he can:

“But he’s capable of winning games. He’s not quite doing it yet, but I have great belief he will.”

Moyes feels like Januzaj with his style of play is able to create and score but the player isn’t stepping up and try to score:

“He’s got the ability to do it and score goals, he had a couple of one-against-one opportunities, instances you feel you would fancy to get in a shot.”

Things have however changed and after playing for Sunderland’s Reserves managing to score a goal against Spurs, Januzaj feels more confident and his late games clearly show that things are up for a change around.

“He has got a bit fitter and he needs a bit of encouragement as well. He had a chance against Chelsea which he could have scored, although it was a good save.”

So far the Belgian has played 12 games, still not good enough for a player that wants to play for Manchester United. This being said, Januzaj needs to play more and Moyes is willing to give him those minutes as long as the player continues of what he is trying to do in the latest games.

With Memphis leaving a place will be opened in the team and based on Jose’s way of dealing with January transfer markets in the previous clubs he has managed, there’s a small probability that Januzaj or Andreas Pereira might get back in the team. If it’s meant to be a race between these two again, Adnan will have to try even harder to win the battle. The signs are there but it’s up to Adnan and his will to perform so he can drag Jose’s attention and get him back at the team.

Written by Fabiola Cejku


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