Adnan Januzaj opens up on his time at Manchester United

Huge prospect, Manchester United’s future and part of Belgium’s ‘Golden Generation’, Adnan Januzaj has let a lot of people down in the recent years, but he seems in his way up as the player is looking forward to his new adventure in Spain but he never forgets what he went through in England, good or bad, he has a lot to say about his former managers. Well, some are not pleasing since he feels that if things had been a bit different in those times, he might have had a good shot of becoming important, yet he is now at Real Sociedad recalling few past moments in a recent interview with Daily Mail.

Speaking of his two goals against Sunderland on a night that saved Moyes’ side from losing, he for sure says that the day was like a dream as he was given a chance to shine and that he shone the brightest. Januzaj was also involved in United’s first team training when Sir Alex Ferguson was still a manager with Giggs being an important and key figure post-Ferguson.

”Obviously that day was a dream. To score two goals as a kid for the biggest club in England. As a 17-year-old, I trained a lot with the first team in Ferguson’s final season. Amazing – Scholesy, Giggsy, Evra, Ferdinand… I remember Giggsy was always tackling me hard a lot. He wanted me to become a man on the pitch. He helped a lot during the difficult years I had with Louis van Gaal.”

The period of time he played at United with Louis van Gaal as a manager was a bit frustrating for him and the player felt he was being misused and things got even worse when according to him the support for him as a winger was minimal.

”There was not the same freedom. A winger needs that confidence, a manager telling you, “Go and take people on”. With him, it was a slow passing game.For some it was difficult. You could see some players were not enjoying the football. The manager and I had many difficult meetings.”

Considering how he had performed in the first months of his career at United, it is true that Adnan changed a lot since. However, it is not adequate from the player to speak in this way for his former manager.

”I was frustrated and everyone could see that I was not the same Adnan as the first year. I was sometimes even in the stands. When you work hard in training and then get left out, it’s hard for a young guy. It was not only me. As a footballer, if you think too much on the pitch, it is never good. You need instinct in your play. When the ball came to us, we had to stop and think, ‘What are we going to do with it here?’, ‘I can’t lose the ball’.”

Many others felt the frustration within them as they were not playing the game they wanted and things ended terribly for some of them. Yet, it is difficult to believe that a player would let his career be ruined from a manager when he spent his time on loan and however failed to shine again. In these terms, it was Januzaj’s fault for letting this happen in the end.

We have his time at Sunderland, it wasn’t great either and he didn’t do well except from some moments where he exploded, but still not good enough to keep him in the team. Moyes was indeed United manager at the wrong time but he knew him well and the Scott did warn him to change his behaviour and look how he ended.

Januzaj is looking forward to doing well with his new team, but he cannot blame anyone of what happened as it was him who instead of fighting for a place he just kept ruining things for himself and this is something Van Gaal had no impact. It’s a shame that he went from being considered ‘The Next Ronaldo’ to ‘Another Failure’, he only has himself to blame about.

Written by Fabiola Cejku


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