Alexis Sanchez can be the driving force of Manchester United, just like Eric Cantona was

Manchester United legend Gary Pallister has stated that new signing Alexis Sanchez, who is expected to make his Premier League debut for his new club against Tottenham Hotspur at Wembley on Wednesday evening could be an inspirational figure as much as Eric Cantona was more than 25 years ago when he signed for the club from Leeds United. Pallister has drawn the similarities from the current United squad to the squad he played with years ago – the side which included the prolific Frenchman. Speaking about Cantona and Sanchez to, Pallister said:

“We used to say ‘we had a great formula one car but we didn’t have the driver’ and Eric then become the driver of that car. I think the same could maybe happen with Sanchez. He’s a dynamic player and he’s got an edge to him as well.

“I like that. I think he could maybe change the way Manchester United approach games. I’m absolutely buzzing. I am still down there every match day. To see someone like Sanchez come to your club, its great news for every Manchester United fan.”

In the run-up to United’s interest in the Chilean to the day his signing was confirmed, the media in the United Kingdom specifically, literally conducted an in-depth investigation into the costing of the player, who was involved in a player swap deal with Arsenal which saw former United attacking midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan head in the other direction, meaning no actual transfer fee was paid for the 29-year-old. That did not stop the media suggesting his wage would be anything from £250,000 a week to £600,000 a week, which shows the scatter-gun approach they used.

Then after the player signed for United, there were stories to suggest players such as Paul Pogba would now demand a pay rise to keep them on a similar pay scale to that of Sanchez, who obviously came to United for the money, as opposed to the offer of trophies galore by Manchester City. City retracted their offer for Sanchez after United were known to be interested, suggesting that the deal was too much for their ‘budget’, despite spending £57 million on Aymeric Laporte, not to mention the reported interest in Riyad Mahrez which is suggested to be around the £60 million figure.

Pallister has suggested that there will not be any squabbles over wages in the Manchester United dressing room. Yes, it is his opinion, but he is an ambassador at the Old Trafford club and will have contact with the current players, enough to give him that opinion and insight if you will. Pallister stated that wages are something that goes through your mind as a player but not knowing if the rumours are 100% true is a big part, which is why players will just get on with their job. Pallister said:

“Wages don’t really cause a problem. You always have an idea what players are getting when they did come to the club although never 100% sure. I look back at my time and I think a lot of the players I played with could have got more money elsewhere in the top flight. But you’ve got the chance to play for Manchester United and that was the difference.

“Everybody I played alongside appreciated that. There was no better place to play football. Things have changed since then, Chelsea and Manchester City have come in with the buying power. The goal posts have shifted a little bit.

“If clubs can afford to play these figures then the players deserve it. They are the people they are coming to watch. As long as it doesn’t put the club at risk, then these players deserve every penny they get.”

The media in the UK are pretty obsessed with Manchester United. There are multiple articles written on a daily basis to serve to the public who seem just as obsessed to read it all, no matter who they support. Recently, the reports have pointed at the club negatively, which is something which I guess gets more attraction as more people in the country and further afield hate United. The thing is, there seems to be no parity from something which is reported about United when it is reported on another club.

Transfers for instance. When United are signing a player, the fee, if applicable, the wages, signing on fee, bonuses, agent fees and everything else involved with a transfer are added on. Yet, then Manchester City sign a player, it is just the transfer fee, which starts to suggest clubs are getting favours from the media which helps to make those respective deals much better. I mean. on Tuesday, City signed Aymeric Laporte after activating his £57 million release clause. There are no reports of the huge deal he will be on to play for Manchester City.

As Pallister has said, when you have the chance to play for Manchester United, that is always the difference aside from individual wages. The game has changed in the last 25 years though, so there will be players who expect to be the biggest earner at a club but that does not mean that all players have that frame of mind. Some players seem to love the prospect of playing for the Old Trafford club, like Sanchez who everyone thought was going to City, it would seem that was all a dream for the blue side of Manchester, one they now say they didn’t have or want. Funny that!

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