Although the title race is over there is still a lot to play for

Even though rivals Manchester City recently clinched the Premier League title after Manchester United lost at home to West Bromwich Albion, there is still a lot to play for this season and the Reds cannot afford to let their foot off of the gas.

It would’ve been nice to make City wait to clinch the title in their next game, especially after spoiling their party at the Etihad a couple of weekends ago when they could’ve won it, but it wasn’t to be.

However, even though, that has gone United still have second-place to cement with teams behind chasing to clinch an automatic place for next season’s Champions League.

The Reds have a few tough games to end the season, with games away to Brighton and Hove Albion and relegation, threatened West Ham United, as well as home games against Arsenal who are still chasing fifth place and Watford on the final day. Although not the toughest of games on paper, United still need to win at least two games to grab second place.

A second place this season for United this season will mark significant progress in the League and something that will definitely be used as a stepping stone for next season, where the Reds will be chasing their first league title since Sir Alex Ferguson left back in 2013.

As well as a second-place finish in the league, the FA Cup is still a trophy that Mourinho’s men could win and will please the board and the fans even though it isn’t the trophy that the club wanted to win this season.

If the Reds win the FA Cup it would be their third trophy since the Portuguese man arrived at Old Trafford, something that he would mark as another milestone for his time at the club.

If United were to finish in the top two of the league it would show that Mourinho and his team are very much heading in the right direction to where the Reds belong, at the top of English football.

The Reds only qualified for this season’s Champions League after winning last season’s Europa League, but to qualify automatically would show more consistency this season, something that United have been lacking since Sir Alex Ferguson left.

Mourinho told the Guardian a couple of weeks ago; “My motivation now is to finish second. We have been in that position such a long time we want to make sure we can stay there.”

A good finish to this season would also go a long way to how the Reds conduct their business in this summer’s transfer market and how Mourinho’s men will start next season.

Obviously, a lot of the big sides in the Premier League will do a lot of business this summer in the hope they can close the gap on Manchester City, and the Reds need to be one of them. If we finish strongly then hopefully we can attract some world class players to really challenge on all fronts next season, going further in the Champions League and more significantly returning to the top of English football.

Written by Dan Pearce

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