Ander Herrera’s contract renewal talks, just a matter of time?

In contrast to Carrick’s surprise that may turn into a new 12-month contract extension, Ander Herrera is not getting what he wants, a new contract. Two weeks ago, the United midfielder mentioned something, but so far the club has been quiet regarding this situation. The Spaniard joined United before the World Cup in 2014 and is out of contract in the summer of 2018. In the contract signed there is an option to sign for a further year, but as stated above nothing has happened and the player is waiting.

The situation is obvious, a player that was rejected for two years from Louis Van Gaal has only found his game this season, as since that game against Leicester at Old Trafford he may have missed just a few games with United. Not a surprise for his fanatics, others were pretty shocked about it as Marouane Fellaini was, based on stats Paul Pogba’s perfect partner. Yet they forgot something valuable; differently from other players, Herrera is a fighter. He didn’t find his way in the team when Van Gaal was United manager, but things changed a lot with Jose Mourinho. What happened? A question I got to answer a lot of times, as people would always argue that the player wasn’t good enough to make the grade in Manchester, despite the fact that he tore United apart two – three years before he was signed. Standards were apparently set and Ander Herrera wasn’t in the height to stand with the greats.

An answer I used all the time when being asked was that if he is not the right one, where did Fellaini stand in all of this? Of course, nothing was left to say, double standards were being used because the Spaniard wasn’t approaching and adapting the famous philosophy in his style of play. The irony is, that he wasn’t being used by Jose because the so-called philosophy was stuck into his head. Anyway, as I stated above he is a warrior and doesn’t give up easily. Since getting back in that Starting XI he is one of the few players that we are almost sure that will play, becoming our safe bet. His partnership with Pogba? It’s going incredibly well. We are looking around for Carrick’s replacement, but maybe it’s time to have a look at our own squad.

After a poor performance against Liverpool, we are seeing a more mature Paul Pogba that has demanded the keys of the midfield and is being supportive to Herrera. Statistics show this and we couldn’t be happier. This means that Jose Mourinho is doing things right and the security he wanted is finally here. The whole big thing with Carrick is not just his qualities but the fact that he offers a mental security in the pitch. This being said, Herrera gets the best out of Paul Pogba and vice versa. That’s how it’s done and this is one of the biggest reasons, why we want him here for longer.

Another major reason is the way he acts on the pitch and outside of it. A fan favourite, they cannot get enough of him already. With all of the rumours that are making the situation even more awkward than it already is, Wayne Rooney may be on his way out, possibly to China, point is that we need a new captain. Michael Carrick and Chris Smalling are favourites to keep the armband, but for how long and will they be all the time on the pitch? With Bailly and one from Rojo and Jones fit, Smalling’s place in the team is under risk. Against Blackburn Smalling had a few issues that may not have liked the manager meaning that things will change and on the other side Michael Carrick won’t be for long in here as well with the club yet to make that big announcement anything is expected to happen, from a testimonial match to a new contract. However, we all need an answer and considering how the way Herrera acts, he is the perfect captain at the moment. A captain who has contract issues, so we need the board to offer him a new deal.

It’s completely understandable if the board, Jose and Ed Woodward want to wait how things go until the end of the season as the player has been in the shadow for the past two seasons. That’s our main regret when it comes to Herrera. If only Jose had been appointed United manager right after Sir Alex Ferguson announced his retirement. The situation would have different and at some point, we have missed two years of Ander Herrera and his magic, probably what could have been turned into his best years, but we are still in time.

Since he started playing regularly in the first team, we cannot find a match when he has played poorly. So, a true general in that midfield Herrera lived up everyone’s expectations against Liverpool becoming Philippe Coutinho’s worst nightmare. Then in every single game, everything seems to go past Herrera. The build play organised is through Herrera and on the other side, he isn’t afraid to cause fouls that may have caused a few funny reactions or get us more irritated with the referee, yep that slip. Slowly, Herrera has won his place in the team with his game. If there are doubts in the best signing of the season, as Ibrahimovic keeps saving United, Mkhitaryan is producing an incredible game from down the middle, Pogba demanding the midfield and Eric Bailly bossing the defence, the most improved players under Jose are without a doubt Antonio Valencia and Ander Herrera.

Intelligent, not afraid to interfere, careful when needed, Herrera is the dream player of every manager. Have you ever seen him complain about anything? The fans are comparing him to United legends and he is reaching the level of Roy Keane and Gary Neville in the terms of leadership. Far from being at their best, Manchester United demanded a leader in the pitch against Blackburn Rovers, it was Ander Herrera who encouraged them during the break of the game. He loves the magic of the FA Cup and surely was pleased with the away end during the game. He is a player that always remains close to the fans.

For all the above reasons, the contract talks should start between the player and the club. Considering the way Jose treats him, we can guess that soon it will happen but as fans, we want to make sure as we don’t want to lose him. Rather than we are looking for Milan’s Gennaro Gattuso or own new Roy Keane only time will tell, as long as he stays at the club.

Written by Fabiola Cejku


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