Andreas Pereira, the youth potential United have their eyes on

Despite having a full team and always competition for certain positions, Jose Mourinho always keeps an eye for the future. Some fans who are still biting back every time we draw or lose come up with the lame excuses that Jose Mourinho simply doesn’t care about youth. Well, a recent Andreas Pereira interview tells the exact opposite of this.

The Portuguese manager considers him one for the future and in spite of playing in a different league, the manager keeps contact with him and of course follows the progression he has made at his time at Granada. Progression is the right word I could use of what I have watched this season in La Liga from him and it’s not a surprise why he always caught the eye of the manager, media, and the fans.

Granada’s position in the Spanish league it’s not a reflection of what he has done in there as the player has shone, being on the best players the little team has had. At first, it seemed that the Brazilian wasn’t getting enough time to show what he was capable of doing, but now he is one of their key players and also vital to that team. The Spanish side is fighting relegation and it seems that they’re making it. Our youngster is playing a major part in it as he has provided options to the manager playing in different roles in the midfield.

The young Brazilian has had his say in a recent interview as he claimed that playing regularly has helped him a lot and he is willing to achieve the main target Granada has, avoiding relegation:

“I think it was very good for me to come here to be able to play regularly. Here I could do this and for me it was very important. The team is not in a good situation, but we’re working hard to get out of it.”

Asked whether the manager has kept contact with him he gladly admitted:

“Yeah, we’re always talking,” he added. “He’s been following me and I’m happy for that.

In what could possibly happen in the future, Andreas has his head in Manchester but knows that the competition is strong. However, the player is versatile becoming an important point in the next season’s team. There’s still time to think about his return but he is being pretty positive about it:

“At the end of the loan, when I get back to Manchester, then we’ll see what happens. For now, I’m focused here and trying to help my team.

“Actually, if I have to play for Manchester United, I want to play wherever the manager thinks I should play. I can play in many positions and that’s something good.”

It’s games against big teams that can define if he can adapt to a team and play his own game. Granada has been terribly unlucky in those fixtures conceding a lot and not being able to switch in their favourite module as they had to go full defensive mode. In all this mess created, the attention, or better said my attention was on him.

One of the problems our attacking midfielders have is their defensive abilities, causing issues. From what I have noticed Andreas is ready to get back when needed, covering for his team. Here’s where he has made progression, he has become more mature and his upfront run, build up play has completely changed. So considering Granada’s early capitalization against big games, Pereira has made some good appearances.

The Pereira we all adore however is in full mode when playing against weak and average opposition where he has shown how he does things. Mostly used on the left-hand side, his performances has been great sending the right message to Jose Mourinho. It’s a competition against time and Pereira has managed everything very well so far, changing everything in his favour in contrast to last season.

Not a Louis van Gaal favourite, the Brazilian spent most of the time playing for the Reserves and doing well but never got the chance he deserved. Using the double standards on youth wasn’t exactly healthy competition and this surely didn’t like much to Pereira. Personally, I was mad when he was sent on loan as we could have gotten rid of the useless deadwood Memphis Depay earlier and keep Pereira but thinking it well it was the best decision as the player has grown, become more mature and his game is better now.

Pereira staying after August? Absolutely. Jose Mourinho knows talent when he sees it and Andreas Pereira will for sure spent a lot of years at Old Trafford being an important player. At the moment he has to focus on his loan spells and do exactly what he has done so far, impress everyone. Manchester United for sure will need him and he has to be ready to take the challenge.

Written by Fabiola Cejku


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