Andreas Pereira wanted by Valencia on loan say Spanish reports

Things won’t be as calm as we originally thought in these last days of the transfer market for Manchester United. Surely not speaking about anyone who might come in, but it’s about a player who may be in his way to being sent out on loan again. It’s about Andreas Pereira who has struggled to get into the matchday in the past two weeks making him feel a bit frustrated of the ways things are going. He has no guarantees of a place at United and he will be seeking for more. The manager himself has stated that it will be hard to play all of them since this month there will be only one game a week making it hard for Jose Mourinho change his team as they are winning games. Of course, there is much to do, but everything is going well so far.

This leaves Pereira out of the sight with the player seeking for more minutes while Mourinho cannot satisfy everyone. The Belgian-born Brazilian is indeed talented but his time he will get might be short compared to what he is looking for. Going down this road, not forgetting the successful loan spell in Spain, other teams will be looking for him. Originally reported from Ser Deportivo Valencia on Twitter, apparently, Valencia are closing in a deal to sign the player on loan. Then it was The Sun who reported the news, giving reasons why the news is true and a move might be on the table.

Andreas Pereira has expresses his desire to stay and he will fight for a place, but he hasn’t had an opportunity so far. During preseason Mourinho managed to make some tactical adaptations in which he impressed, making Jose have seconds thoughts regarding him. As for the claimed reports, it is really hard to believe them for a few particular reasons. First of all their English sources haven’t come to light so far. Second, it seems unusual that a good source to use his bio to state that the player is wanted by Valencia.

It is fair that after last season’s performance he would be wanted in Spain, but there’s no information if this source is reliable or not. Strange enough is the fact that there are no other reports coming from Spain but it has clearly stayed there. Pereira is a great prospect who needs the right time to develop even further which could link him with top clubs, but so far the kid has no intentions to leave. His versatility is key and with a long season ahead of us, Manchester United need to utilise every single player in order to satisfy everyone from one side and have the others rested for important games.

The Brazilian prospect had a great pre-season as he played at central midfield a position he covered at Granada and impressed as well. Yet with the new signing Jose Mourinho made, Pereira has one more opponent he must confront to win the place. Wanted or not at Valencia, his future remains unclear at the moment. We might have to wait a bit more, but things are already getting heated and Andreas Pereira once again on top of the attention.

Written by Fabiola Cejku


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