Andy Cole: £30 million? Are you Shaw?

In today’s Daily Star, United legend Andrew Cole has backed up fellow former Red Devil Paul Scholes in his claim that Luke Shaw is overpriced at the reported £30 million, which is not being reported at £27 million. Cole has been quoted as saying:

“It’s a hell of a lot of money.

I don’t think too many are going to spend that on a young kid.

I know that he is English as well, and it is a big plus that he is English, but I think that’s why so many managers go for foreign imports as they’re cheaper.”

But has also gone on to say he believes that Shaw will succeed at the highest level, and go on to be a star himself.

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The near £30 million move that was completed Friday, has made Luke Shaw the most expensive teenager in the world, and is a real sign that United believe he will deliver on his potential. And on the face of it is also shows the inflated value of young English talent. However, where £30 million is a lot to spend on someone so young, it can also be seen the other way. If Luke Shaw stays at United and stays relatively free from injury (well anything serious anyway) until he is 34, it will work out at just £1,875,000 a year.

And though foreign imports are cheaper, it can be a risky game to play as we saw with Alexander Büttner. Foreigners can take a while to settle in, to learn the league and get used to the physical aspect of it (as we saw with Patrice Evra also), and to pay a hefty sum for someone who is already accustomed to the league is surely worthwhile.

On the face of things, Cole and Paul Scholes do have a point, but when you dig deeper and look at possible numbers, it looks less and less like an inflated fee, and more and more like a sound investment.

By Matt Henderson

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