Angel Gomes has the talent to succeed but he should not get ahead of himself

Angel Gomes is a player that many Manchester United supporters are excited about. The 16-year-old became the youngest player since Duncan Edwards to play for Manchester United in the final Premier League match of the season, a 2-0 victory over Crystal Palace. Gomes came on in the last two minutes with Wayne Rooney making his last competitive appearance for United at Old Trafford and Gomes playing the final few minutes plus stoppage time. The 16-year-old did not get a chance to show his stuff of get much involvement, but it was a reward for his good performances at U18 level over the past few seasons, especially the one where United lost 12 consecutive league matches – the season before last.

Gomes played well with new arrivals at U18 level last season, scoring and assisting goals and generally impressing his manager and the coaching team. The England schoolboy is a thrilling prospect and the fact he was given his debut at an early age will give him more hunger to achieve that again. I feel it was premature though, but there was nothing at stake for either United or the player, so why not? Gomes needs to be challenged at U23 level at times this current season, also playing for the U19 in the UEFA Youth Cup, which will continue his development on the European stage, going a long way to helping him rise through the ranks and earn a first team place in the coming years.

Gomes will play for the U18’s this coming season, which will be another big one with more players coming into the club from the lower ranks and from other clubs, keeping United youth development record alive. Gomes should be given a handful of matches at U23 level, which will challenge him in all the right places, seeing if he can step up to that level – if they are good enough, they are old enough. If that works, there will be a big aura around the player, who will in effect be earning his place at the club, at a young age ahead of schedule, which is great but should not be taken for granted as if he is not ready, it could harm him more than it helps him.

For Gomes to continue his development he just needs to do what he has been doing, put the effort in, which he does, help his teammates out and continue to create, assist and score goals, which he has been doing well over the last few seasons. Gomes is a great prospect and one who everyone will put the faith into as his talent has been shown continuously, even during the bad times when United U18 struggled to win, Gomes tried to change things, which is a good attribute for a player, not matter how young or old, to have. The FA Youth Cup will be something Gomes wants to win as he will be running out of chances for that, last season was seen as a good chance, but it was not meant to be. Perhaps this coming season Gomes will shine and bring about this challenge – earning his plaudits even more.

The world is this lads oyster and he really can reach for the stars. If he continues to impress, he could have a chance of representing United’s first team again next season with United challenging on all four fronts. The Carabao Cup or even the Emirates FA Cup could be an option depending on the opposition – if that happens, Gomes will take his chance, do his best and await another chance. But for now, the player should concentrate on the U18 and the U23’s and seek to impress and word will soon get to Jose Mourinho who will be waiting for that to happen.

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