Another day of twists and turns in the Paul Pogba saga

Manchester United and Paul Pogba have been rumbling throughout the media for weeks now and for one I am bored with it all. At this moment in time, the saga is something that I have a remote interest in because it has continued at the same speed for weeks, without developing. Today there have been some developments, some which add more complications, other which ask more questions. Earlier today, the Daily Mail reported that Mino Raiola, the agent of Pogba, will hold talks with Juventus to try and close the deal which would see Pogba become the world record transfer this summer. Raiola visited Pogba whilst he was on holiday in Miami, as could be seen by the players Instagram account which pictured him and Raiola in a pool together. The Daily Mail stated that Raiola would be looking to clarify his client’s future with talks reaching a crucial stage.

Manchester United have, according to the Daily Mail, made a £92 million offer for Pogba, with an extra £10 million as an added bonus, but Juventus want the 20% owed to Raiola to be paid for by United, not taken out of their fee, which seems pretty greedy – especially when you consider that it was Juventus who agreed to this clause which was inserted in Pogba’s contract. Pogba’s future is still up in the air with many suggesting this is something that United will overcome and the player will still arrive back to the Old Trafford club, which he left four years ago. United may have to pay the full amount, including the fee for Raiola, which would be 20% of the final fee, or looks foolish for getting so far and failing to complete the deal. Sky Sports earlier reported comments from Sky Italia reporter Valentina Fass, which mentioned the Pogba deal so far, and the problems holding up the deal. Fass said:

“Paul Pogba is really in advanced talks with Manchester United. They seem to have found an agreement with the player. He should be getting 13m euros net per season plus €7 million a year for image rights. The main problem is the amount that the two clubs have to exchange because of the agent’s fee. The agent himself was in Miami with the player. Pogba is still on holiday at the moment and should meet up with the Juventus team at the beginning of August.

“Raiola went to Miami to discuss further the issues because it is understood the fee for him should be really high, something around €20 million just for the agent. What has to be decided is who pays the fee because Juventus doesn’t want to pay the fee. Manchester United, at the moment, doesn’t want to pay that amount of money when it’s already spending €110 million for the player.”

It would seem that, obviously, Manchester United have put a lot in this deal for it to go horribly wrong at the final hurdle. The agent fees seem to be the stalling point at this moment in time, someone will need to pay them and currently Juventus seem to be suggesting that United pay them, but they are having to fork out a lot of money to land Pogba, so you can see where their reluctance comes from. Juventus obviously allowed the clause, if you want to call it that, to be inserted into the player’s contract, so in my book, they would have to pay the fee. Greed has taken over this deal. Juventus paid compensation to United back in 2012 of just £800,000 for Pogba, who was out of contract, granted they have paid his wages for the last four years, but even considering the agents fee, their profit on this deal would still be massive.

To add to this, AS in Spain reported that Mino Raiola had a medical in Miami set up for Pogba, which has now been cancelled. The Mirror reported AS’s story which claimed Pogba would have a medical conducted by Dr. Italo Linfante of the Miami Cardiac and Vascular Institute. On looking into this, I found that Dr. Linfante is associated with this, but he seems to be a lot higher than a doctor who would conduct a medical. He is listed on his LinkedIn profile as a President Elect of the Society of Vascular and Interventional Neurology, also a Clinical Professor for Florida International University, Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine and a Director Endovascular Neurosurgery and Interventional Neuroradiology for Baptist Health South Florida located in Miami, Florida. To me, that sounds like an awful lot of work for him to do, whilst conducting bog standard medical for footballers.

In addition to this, the doctor himself was contacted on Twitter, to which he stated that he knew nothing about this and that it must be another Dr Italo Linfante, which in my book confirmed that the reports from AS were made up. Who would have thought that a newspaper based in Madrid making things up? Was Real Madrid that hurt that their attempts to sign Paul Pogba had failed all because Manchester United blew them out of the water with their financial might? Having to resort to making this kind of nonsense up is pathetic. Whilst Dr. Linfante does work where the reports suggested he did, his personal tweets suggest he was nowhere where AS said he would be. Yes, he was still on the east coast of the United States of America, but in Boston, MA, not in Miami, FL, which is some distance away. There always seem to be flaws in things, flaws that can help you make your mind in what is actually true and what seems to be made up.

Many seem to suggest the deal which would take Pogba to Manchester United this summer is still on, although it does not look like completion will be in the immediate future, unless the reports coming out today were from some time ago, and that both clubs and Raiola have ironed out the creases. Time will tell, but I am sure Manchester United will not just ditch the deal after getting so close to securing the player that left the club fours years ago, beating Real Madrid and Barcelona and becoming the club that broke the world record transfer deal for a player. Having that over Real Madrid would be massive, in that they have taken advantage over United on many occasions, and tried to do the same last summer, which ended in their number one target remaining at United, signing a new contract and wanting to remain at the club this summer too.


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