Bruno Fernandes has long-term vision for Manchester United and that it to win titles as they are important

Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes has stated that his long-term vision at the Old Trafford club it to win titles, which are the most important things in football. Every footballer will dream of lifting the Premier League title and that is something, among others that the Portuguese magnifico wants to achieve at the club.

Fernandes, 25, signed for United from Sporting Clube de Portugal during the January transfer window and his start at the club has been great, making 11 appearances, scoring four goals and four assists. The player has added creativity to the midfield, which was something that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer needed at the club, especially with injuries.

The coronavirus pandemic stopped world football for a period of time with the Premier League returning after a three month suspension last week with United drawing 1-1 with Tottenham Hotspur then beating Sheffield United 3-0 in the first match back at the Theatre of Dreams. United will face Norwich City in the Emirates FA Cup on Saturday.

Fernandes and French midfielder Paul Pogba were tipped to make a good midfield partnership during the lockdown in the United Kingdom with many talking about the possibility of it working. Against Spurs, albeit late in the game, we saw that for the first time competitively with Pogba winning a penalty with Fernandes scored. The Portuguese midfielder has positive things to say about Pogba, speaking to The Dial Up by Soccer Bible, saying:

“Paul [Pogba] is the guy who came when I arrived with a big book and said ‘Where do you want to live? What price you want to pay? House or apartment?’ and flicked through the pages.”

Fernandes has good things to say about United, which has been said in the past, well ever since he made the move which came after a lot of speculation last summer, ending in upset as nothing ever materialised despite a lot of reports of such coming from Portugal. Fernandes went on to say the following:

“When Manchester United called me, I also cried [as well as when he speaks about Sporting], because it is my dream. I took my wife, I gave her a hug and said ‘this is my dream, we will conquer my dreams’. My dreams are my family’s dreams.”

The b best part of the conversation was his expectations for United during his spell at the club. Fernandes wants to win titles and that is something that Solskjaer wants too, coming the day after Liverpool secured their first Premier League title after Manchester City lost to Chelsea on Thursday evening. Fernandes, concluding, said:

“I came to Manchester United to help everyone — I want to be successful at Manchester United. All of the players playing at Manchester United need to be focused on winning titles.

“You need to know when you come [to Manchester United], you need to focus on titles. Titles are the most important — in Manchester it doesn’t matter how you play, but you need to play to win games. It doesn’t matter how.”

It is great that the 25-year-old wants to achieve a lot at United. In the past seven years many players have come through the doors at the Theatre of Dreams not having the same dream to achieve and it is great that United have now found a player in Fernandes that wants to achieve everything he can at the club. Of course, it might not happen but just having players that want to try is good enough. You can see the full conversation below.

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