Bryan Robson Insists Squad Does NOT Need Overhaul

In an interview with TalkSPORT, Bryan Robson has insisted that Manchester United do NOT need to overhaul their squad, and just one or two world-class players will be enough to turn the much maligned teams fortunes around. In a rare case of optimism surrounding the club, Robson believes that there are certain areas of the squad that really do not need additions or departures. Speaking on the Hawksbee and Jacobs show, Robson said;

“As far as I’m concerned, I think if United just sign a couple more top-class players we will be up there challenging with the best.

“With people like Danny Welbeck, Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie, if I was a manager in the Premier League, I wouldn’t change those three for anybody in any other club.

“That’s the sort of quality they have got within the club and it’s a matter of building on top of those type of players.”

The former Captain Marvel seems to feel that the need is not as great as people feel, and his words are stark contrast to experts and former players who believe the squad is a long way off completion. It opens an unlikely debate of who do you side with. Robson feels just two players of quality are needed, one would assume a midfielder and defender, and the rest of the world believe at least four or five are needed.


Robson comments on building a squad around the likes of Danny Welbeck, Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie are true, and exactly what we should be aiming to do (perhaps less in van Persie due to his age, but the point stands). It’s how we go about it that is important. World Class signings are a necessity, but the ethos of bringing youth through should not be lost. Welbeck would technically fall into that category, and support from outside sources is a relief after the reported interest from Hull.

Robson also offered his support to manager Louis van Gaal. Acknowledging a second season without Champions League football would leave us in a bind, but with Van Gaal at the helm, that should not be an issue we face.

How refreshing it is to find some real positivity around the situation, misguided as it may appear to us right now, Robson could well be proven correct should things play out as he predicts. The general consensus of four or five names are a big ask for the remainder of the window (especially considering there is now just 11 days left of it), and Robson’s suggestion of two world-class players seems far more attainable.

For any of it to work, there has to be the right players available, and with a smaller number, it leaves more options. I may err on the side of the masses myself, but deep down I hope he is right and the situation isn’t actually as bad on the surface. What’s wrong with a little hope, hey?


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