Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick praised new manager David Moyes for the strengths he has shown since he took over from former manager Sir Alex Ferguson just over two weeks ago. Moyes has already managed his first match, which was unfortunately a 1-0 loss to the Singha All Stars in Thailand on Saturday. The next match in Sydney this Saturday will be against the A League All Stars at the ANZ Stadium.

Carrick spoke to on his arrival in Sydney with the rest of his team-mates and spoke about how much they are all enjoying the new Moyes era of Manchester United. Carrick said:

“The tour has been really good so far and there is a great atmosphere around the place. The manager has brought that in. He’s enthusiastic and energetic and intense with his work, and that’s rubbed off on everyone. Training has been good and there is a huge focus and a good feel around the place.

“The manager is hands-on in training. He’s a lot different to Sir Alex in that sense – he tended to take a step back and let the coaches deal with things, whereas David likes to be right in the thick of it and that’s good. It creates an intensity and everyone has responded to that.”

It seems that Carrick and the rest of the squad are looking towards the start of the season and seem to be working hard ahead of the clubs second match of the 2013 Tour this Saturday, kicking off at 10:30 am GMT [19:30 local time], which will be shown live on MUTV.

By Paul Bienkowski

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