What We Learned

March 16, 2017

Is it over? Can I look again? Wow, that was boring and boy did United make hard work of it. But at the end of the day, it really isn’t the performance that matters … Read more

March 13, 2017

Manchester United were knocked out of the Emirates FA Cup at the hands of Chelsea at Stamford Bridge after N’Golo Kante scored the only goal of the match, despite M… Read more

March 9, 2017

I think we can all agree that we’re glad that one is done with. A game that no one wanted to play really, on a pitch Shane Ward would be licking his lips at the pro… Read more

March 4, 2017

What a massive, massive disappointment and a huge opportunity missed. The first 20 minutes should have seen United out of sight and then playing 10 men should make it so… Read more

February 26, 2017

Well, as biased as we would all like to be about the EFL Cup final, to say anything other than the better team lost would be grossly unfair on United’s counterparts… Read more

February 5, 2017

Manchester United were offered an immediate second chance to break things down and close the gap between them and the top four. With Liverpool losing to Hull City, which … Read more

January 29, 2017

Easy enough then in the end. Not to say it came without any problems, Wigan were solid and difficult to break down in the first 40 minutes. But a solid and competent 90 m… Read more

January 26, 2017

So, the unbeaten run has come to quite an abrupt and drab halt, and yet there isn’t the normal feeling of disappointment (aside from the fact it was Hull City who e… Read more

January 21, 2017

Manchester United earned a 1-1 draw with Stoke City after a very controversial match in which the Red Devils failed to take their chances for high portions of the match. … Read more

January 15, 2017

Well, it feels a bit like Christmas that game. Days of tension, nerves and excitement for a damp squib, over and done with within two hours. A point is absolutely no use … Read more

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