Confirmed Starting XI: Pogba dropped. Bailly and Rojo start with Smalling; Rashford and Martial lead the line against Arsenal

Manchester United have had a tough time of late and it can only get tougher. On Wednesday evening, Jose Mourinho’s side will welcome Arsenal to Old Trafford. Fresh from a 2-2 draw with Southampton, which resulted in the sacking of Mark Hughes, United will need to find a way back from their troublesome time, aiming to get a result against the North London side, who themselves beat Tottenham Hotspur 4-2 in the North London derby on Sunday.

Arsenal are currently on a 12-match unbeaten run in the Premier League, 19 matches in all competitions this season. United are not in that kind of form, although they are unbeaten in their last three matches, drawing 0-0 with Crystal Palace, winning 1-0 against Young Boys and drawing 2-2 with Southampton. It could be the continuation of a tough week for Mourinho and his side, or it could be the start of something. Which is wishful thinking!

It has been reported that Mourinho suggested that Paul Pogba was a virus after his poor performance against Southampton with the Frenchman losing possession 25 times. There are supporters sticking up for the World Cup winner though, suggesting that it is all Mourinho’s fault. Player power is rife and that in itself brings supporters to stick by a certain player, which is starting to become incredulous. Pogba has also, reportedly, thrown it back at Mourinho, suggesting that his tactics are the cause of these problems.

Manchester United:

De Gea;

Bailly, Smalling, Rojo;

Dalot, Herrera, Matic, Darmian;


Rashford, Martial


Romero; Valencia; Pogba, Mata, Fellaini, McTominay; Lukaku

This season, United are a terrible team. The defence is shocking, the midfield lacks the ability to take on the teams the club would have once overpowered and the attack seem incapable of stringing a pass together to cause problems to the opposition, and that is when the main striker does not trip over the ball. If this season was looked at by the It’ll be Alright on the Night team, they would have lots of material to show how football should not be played.

The tactics have been dull and archaic and not the way Manchester United should be playing. That is on the manager. However, the lack of respect from the players for the manager shows that this team feel they have the power to overcome such a manager, who on his day is a very successful one. Supporters have suggested that Mourinho is past it and has nothing left to take on the best with calls for a young and progressive manager to replace the Portuguese.

The players could have formed their own tactics which would allow them to express themselves. Surely going against the manager and winning, in style, would be better for the club that to hang another one out to dry. Some say all the players are against the manager. If that was right, why are they not doing their own thing and ignoring the manager? That suggests to me that one a few players are against the manager if it is that many. Therefore, if the board backs the manager, it could be them who leave first.

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