Criticising the players? Jose Mourinho knows what he is doing…

It’s not a surprise that we are discussing this again, Jose Mourinho once again criticised his players as yet another draw was added into account with United not doing good enough to finish their chances, leading to several issues between him, players and the fans.

As he praised the defense after the draw against Anderlecht on Thursday night, Jose found a way, like he always does, to criticize his players in a direct way so they could understand where the real problem is. Some may say that he overreacts and exaggerates several things happening this season, leaving me in doubt what do these fans actually want.

With Louis van Gaal and David Moyes before there was a general opinion, or much better a feeling that the manager wasn’t owning the dressing room, letting things go simply because no one at some point seemed to care. Now that a real manager is in town, certain things have started or have actually changed for good.

As for one main point discussed in here, we see that several players are facing criticism from the manager. This didn’t start now, as first, it was Henrikh Mkhitaryan, then Luke Shaw and Chris Smalling, we continue with Anthony Martial and now again Shaw having a piece of the manager’s mind. For those who don’t seem to like Mourinho, these are just pure excuses for the shameful draws at Old Trafford or Manchester United getting back to a Louis van Gaal style of play. How comes that with all of the things that have been changed, it seems that yet again we are still not winning, clearly leaving a major part of all this to be blamed on the players.

Let’s have a look at the manager’s words to see things clear. Obviously being upset of what happened and how another win was taken from us, Mourinho said:

“We have to kill matches. We had chances, control, but we don’t score goals; we risk. There was lots of space to kill, good chances. Lots of chances that we don’t get because of a bad touch, sloppy touch, a flick, bad decisions in the last third. There was a team with good organisation at the back, but one mistake and we were punished.”

He didn’t even save Zlatan Ibrahimovic showing that he has no favorites in the team and in the moment they play horribly, they deserve to be criticised, even more:

“In my poor English, I cannot find a better word [than sloppy]. You have to play more seriously. Put the performance of two or three of our attacking players together and you squeeze not much juice out of it. Rashford, Lingard, Ibrahimovic, Martial. They were very similar. But the people behind: very solid, very focused. The defenders did the serious work but the people who had to kill the game didn’t. We start the game at Old Trafford in front, but we had all the conditions to kill the game.”

How many times has the team drawn at Old Trafford this season? United have played really well, yet they haven’t been able to finish our chances and that’s why Mourinho is doing this. At times the decision making is put in doubt but the manager has actually won games with the lineup that we all have been doubtful. That definitely says a lot. However, the main point in this discussion is whether he is right or not. Well, Mourinho has never saved anyone and proved that he is being fair to all.

You all remember the situation with Shaw, well, it resulted that he was right and in every word he said, there was something true on it and what happened? Now Shaw is being rested for the important game against Chelsea. Commitment and attitude are really important at this club and no one should never I mean like ever put this in doubt.  Another situation that turned positively was the one with Mkhitaryan; the player felt underestimated and that he wasn’t being used right at the club. He got the treatment, the player understood it and the result is enchanting; the player has scored in every away game in the Europa League and we have been witnesses of some amazing goals and build up play this season, decent for the Mkhi magic.

Another player who has changed a lot but is yet to have the time of his life at Manchester United this season is Anthony Martial. The young French is having certain issues on scoring and also creating chances despite the fact that his pace is a huge factor in his game.

What mostly counts is that we are seeing sparkles of his game and soon the real Martial will show off but there are things that need to change. The Frenchman is, however, in need of confidence and Mourinho knows how to offer this, in the best way: Letting him know what is actually wrong with him.

In the point of being right, Mourinho has proven a lot of times that he knows what he is doing. By facing criticism, certain players’ season has had a turning point and that’s why we need to trust his intuition. Some may not like his way, but as I stated above the results are obvious. Is it the correct way? One never knows, but doubting every decision he has made is a bit out of this world, however in style when it comes to fans that are used to get what they want.

So stop moaning, get behind your manager and support him towards everything. Probably we are not getting the results we all want and maybe he is being tough, but if someone is not acting this way, everything will end in a terrible mess.




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