David De Gea may commit to Manchester United according to reports, drama expected among Madrid fans

It’s incredible how things change so fast in the world of football. Just two summers ago we were pining that one of our best players was leaving for Madrid and right now a new contract of keeping him longer at Manchester United is being discussed according to several reports. This isn’t just a great news as many things are hidden under this as supporters have wanted the club to show their real strength since the Sir Alex Ferguson era.

Pride; as United supporters, we are filled with pride but every time ‘Los Merengues’ would come and knock on the door asking for David De Gea we would be scared knowing that the player’s head was stuck in that move and there wasn’t much we could do about it. Irritating most of the time you would see Madrid fans come to us and claim that De Gea was their new number one, indeed frustrating. Since the fax machine, things have turned around and supposedly, they are satisfied with Keylor Navas and De Gea could stay in Manchester if he wants to. This is what they believe,

This is what they believe, however, we know that this is not the obvious truth any longer. Based on The Sun sources which cannot be taken as fully reliable, David De Gea is buying a new house in Manchester. Since modern football is also played off the football pitch, these details which may seem small, contain a meaningful message as this shows that the player wants to commit to Manchester United for a few more years.

This idea is so appealing and we want it to be true, but we are yet to get an official confirmation which makes things a little bitter until the new deal will finally be confirmed. Big news ahead as arguably the best goalkeeper in the world has no thoughts of leaving and he could help United achieve so much more by winning the Premier League title this season. A special mention to the joy of this news goes to Real Madrid fans who are incredible in their own way.

Having started the campaign, in a good way by defeating us, now they’re desperate for a new striker and their goalkeeper will soon return to his old habits, meaning that they will soon be asking for the Spaniard again.

I am not saying that United supporters are ‘angels’ but the fanbase surely is a smarter one and accepts change. We have a special way of treating the players, but the fans who are present at Old Trafford would never show disrespect something the ‘Madridistas’ are famous for. One of the strongest points on why De Gea would never trade United for Madrid is exactly this; the treatment he would get in case he wouldn’t perform is indeed stupid, something only they can come up with.

Also as a club, they never appreciate what they have until it’s gone. So he would find it hard in case of a few bad performances. We all know that the Spanish Dave wasn’t as great as he is today in his first few years at United, but with a little bit of comprehension from both sides, he has turned into a great goalkeeper who makes incredible saves.

Right now, our fellow fans are having a hard time and this may have fallen as a big surprise but surely is not. The player is happy, he is getting a lot of love from the club, the manager and most importantly the fans, he was never doubted. De Gea would have had his way if he wanted to leave, but his best friends are here, even his fiancee hasn’t started any negative any news lately which is great. In the end, this is what we all need, a clear message that the story won’t repeat and the rumours would finally stop (there is a zero chance of this happening, anyway).

The point is that despite having a great attack, a big a responding midfield or a solid defence, United will always need the man between the sticks who saves the team on a weekly basis, making sure that no goals are conceded. A title-winning team always needs someone like David De Gea and that man is currently at Manchester United, not Real Madrid.

Written by Fabiola Cejku


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