David De Gea set to stay at Manchester United

Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea is set to remain at Old Trafford after Real Madrid will reportedly “opt out” of making another bid for the superstarAfter a confusing transfer saga regarding De Gea leaving United to sign with Los Blancos, the goalkeeper remained in England and signed a four-year contract. De Gea was forced to sit on the bench for the beginning of the season, but soon after, the Spaniard stepped in again and had a stellar season. It was a relief for United to hold on to De Gea, but from the moment the deal did not go through, it made sense for people to believe that De Gea would head to Spain in January; he did not. After not leaving in January, it made sense that De Gea would leave in the summer transfer window, but now it appears to be a different story with Jose Mourinho being appointed manager following the exit of Louis van Gaal.

Mourinho could be the key to keeping De Gea at United. The manager has a reputation that has surely influenced De Gea to remain a United player. At times under Van Gaal, it appeared that there was a lack of organization in the team, forcing De Gea to make saves he should have never faced in the first place. With Mourinho, a new philosophy and game plan will be implemented and De Gea wants to win again with United. Mourinho has previous success in England with Chelsea, and De Gea is aware of it. De Gea expressed his excitement by the appointment of Mourinho to take charge of United, saying:

“Talk about Jose Mourinho and you’re talking about a winner.

“Winning is United’s, Jose’s and my philosophy. We can make a great team and I welcome him.

“I’ve got three more years on my contract with United and the desire to win more titles here.

“When it comes to United, if you don’t win everything, it’s not good enough. This FA Cup is important for the club, it’s important for the fans, and it’s an important step towards winning major titles again.”

De Gea has been United’s best player in the past three seasons, winning the Manchester United Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year award in three straight seasons. The shot-stopper is the most valuable player on United’s payroll, barring Anthony Martial. De Gea was brought in by Sir Alex Ferguson, and at first, it appeared as though the former Atletico Madrid keeper was not going to work out. Ferguson stood by De Gea and it has paid off since. De Gea made save after save for United and certainly can make a claim for being the best goalkeeper in the world.

If De Gea has a good day, United has a good day. The 25-year-old is the core of Manchester United. With Mourinho’s arrival, De Gea could have some work to do with the “park the bus” style that the Portuguese manager implemented while at Chelsea. De Gea was United’s man of the match on many occasions due to numerous world-class saves. These incredible performances earned De Gea recognition online with the hashtag “DaveSaves,” and De Gea has not stopped making these saves even with the attention.

By keeping De Gea at United, the club has a player that can run the team from the back of the field. De Gea can become a massive leader at United, and is already on track to becoming an icon at the club. De Gea is reliable and instrumental to United. Without him, United would not have been so lucky to be in the race for the Champions League qualification positions at the end of the 2015-16 season. Keeping De Gea last summer was almost like another signing, and with the Spaniard looking to stay at Old Trafford, things are looking progressive for a Mourinho-led Manchester United.


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