David Moyes’ broken dream

United take on Sunderland on Monday and a return to Old Trafford of the man who took charge of the team right after Sir Alex Ferguson left will make this match a bit special. Yes, it’s David Moyes back to the club that sacked him after not accomplishing and reaching the goals, United as a team has set. Moyes regrets and says that he wasn’t given enough time and things would have been different.

We won’t know for sure what it would have happened if he was still managing United, yet the most of the fans are happy that he left soon as he didn’t manage to secure at least top four, taking United from Premier League Champions to a miserable team that finished seventh, meaning that no Champions League or Europa League in the upcoming year. Something that left United fans irritated from one side and devastated on the other, as the same team under Sir Alex Ferguson were crowned Champions.  Looking back at the time when he was United manager, Moyes has some regrets regarding the transfers he made. In the summer he signed Fellaini, a name that despite still being at the club, it’s not popular among Manchester United supporters. The only player that United fans fell in love with is Juan Mata and rather than a Moyes signing, Mata was shown the door at Stamford Bridge as Jose Mourinho wasn’t a big fan of Juan.

However, these aren’t the names I am referring to, the players actually Moyes’ regrets of not signing are even bigger. The first name on the list is, of course, Cristiano Ronaldo and Moyes confirmed what we all have known during this time, a Ronaldo comeback was in United’s plans. It’s indeed a dream for every Red to see Ronaldo in a United shirt and this had to be one of the targets Moyes had in mind for the New Manchester United, post-Ferguson era:

“I remember when I first met Sir Alex and he always said there was a chance Ronaldo might come back. So that was the level we were targeting.”

That summer United went for top names and according to Moyes, Toni Kroos had already confirmed that he would sign for United, but the German stayed at Bayern that season to join Real Madrid the upcoming summer. United chased him all summer, but apparently he wasn’t fond of moving to United. Another upset for Moyes as he was sure that Toni was a United player.

“Toni Kroos was agreed to come in the summer. I had agreed it with Toni himself and his agent.”

Another big upset in Moyes’ dream signings was Gareth Bale, a saga that is yet to come to an end as he constantly has refused Manchester United, and Moyes thought at the time that the Welshman was the typical player the team needed. He still preferred Real Madrid over United and that was a hard hit for the manager that saw the way how a top player signing for the Europe’s giants. It’s not that Moyes is to blame for not doing good enough to sign him as this wasn’t the first failed attempt to sign Bale. Before being signed by Tottenham, Gareth Bale refused United. He did admit that the club offered more than Real Madrid but the player was clear that his choice was Spain.

“When I first went in my real target was Bale,” the Sunderland manager said. I felt all along that Bale was a Manchester United player. I fought right until the last-minute. We actually offered a bigger deal than Real Madrid. But Gareth had his mind made up on going to Real Madrid. That was, in my mind, the player I really wanted to bring to Manchester United.”

Cesc Fabregas is another name that Moyes was desperate to land at Old Trafford and after spending a whole summer after him, in the end, he picked Chelsea’s Mourinho over United’s Moyes. After all these, the only signing he made was Fellaini. Despite all the regrets the current Sunderland manager has, the fans cannot forget that he had the money and the access to make any requirement to Ed Woodward. How did he use the power? How things went? Is Ed Woodward to blame or is it on Moyes?

Getting to know that he asked for those players means that he knew that this wasn’t Everton, but Manchester United and they want the best players around. Anyway, there’s something that has to be put in doubt and that’s his weak character for not having clear ideas in his head about the new project he had in mind. The names were great, but he wasn’t and never will be a manager with a winner’s mentality. This affected the players that he wanted to sign. Everyone loves a winner and the atmosphere Sir Alex Ferguson had created around the club was simply gone. It will probably be never the same, but Moyes never stood out to create his own identity. That’s why nobody wanted to join him and they weren’t fond of working with a manager like him.

He lost the confidence in what he was able to do. He organized things wrong and never went for the real reason why things simply didn’t work. Maybe a part of the fault in all this is the man in charge of the transfers but we are speaking of the same person that in one summer signed Ibrahimovic, Mkhitaryan, Bailly and Paul Pogba. It has to be said that even though the signings Louis van Gaal made were not all world-class but he did get what he wanted in the end of the day. Clearly showing that his recent regrets don’t make him less guilty of the situation that was created. A world-class team, simply couldn’t be managed by mid-table and average manager, that was the issue with David Moyes.

This being stated, his words hitting on Manchester United about not following the tradition are more than surprising to anyone that knows how things really went with him.

“Manchester United was a club with great traditions, traditions where they tended to pick British managers. That tradition has now gone.

“They were a football club who enjoy traditions with the way they spent. They didn’t try to compete with all the other clubs. They did what they thought was the right thing to do and spent the right way. I can say that’s gone.

“There have been a few changes at Manchester United but that’s the way they have chosen to go.”

According to him, the philosophy of preferring British managers over foreigners doesn’t exist anymore. A direct question goes to Moyes related to this: “Who is this British manager that is better than Jose Mourinho at the moment?” The answer is no one. If he is thinking of himself, he needs to recall how devastating that period and how unhappy United fans were when he was around or much better where Sunderland is right now.  Look at the team right now, settling well, growing in confidence and most importantly United are in the right way as always. Also how exactly is United trying to compete with others? This team has suffered a lot and now is finally doing the right moves to go back to the top because it was him that started the downfall United started.

This hasn’t changed anything of what we all think of him and his broken dream of a successful team with all of those great signings. Our main request to David Moyes is to take care of Adnan Januzaj and give him the right treatment and to make him stronger so he can finally start producing when he gets back. As for us, he really doesn’t have to worry about as we as a team are perfectly fine without him. His regrets have no value now as he was given enough time to prove himself, but he couldn’t. It was because of Sir Alex Ferguson that he signed a six-year contract that did cost to the club when all finished. So he should probably mind his business and be careful what he states related to United.

Written by Fabiola Cejku


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