Demetri Mitchell to continue his development as he is making a good impressions so far

Demetri Mitchell can be considered as one of the discoveries of last season as his development as a left back was amazing since Joe Riley went out on loan. When the season started, Mitchell was being used more as winger, but the need called and Nicky Butt decided to play him in the defence, one of the most successful ‘experiments’ that were made during this season in the Reserves team. Those amazing performances won him a place in the first team for the Crystal Palace game and since then he has been involved in the pre-season tour as well, something it came to him as a shock as he didn’t expect it to happen.

“The first part of the tour was also the first time I’d been to America. It’s all new to me, and being around the first team makes you feel like a part of the group after stepping up from the Reserves. I didn’t know until the last minute that I would be going on the tour, so it was all a bit of a shock, but I’ve really enjoyed it so far.”

He did seem really excited about it as he at first thought that the manager wouldn’t pick him, but after a great season everything just clicked for him and it was a new adventure for him, a new place to visit. However, this preseason was big for his further physical development as the player was adapted in a new position for like seven months and he did play in right back against Real Salt Lake a position he hadn’t played before and it was a major boost for him as he experienced something new. That’s exactly what the preseason is all about he felt good.

“Any position I get asked to play, if the coaches think it’s right then I’ll give it a good shot. I’ve been playing there [at left-back] for a good seven or eight months now, so for me to be here [with the first team] after that amount of time, it just shows how much progress I can make.

“It was funny because when I went to play on the wing against Real Salt Lake, it was new to me again! I thought ‘I’ve not been here for a while’, and then after about five minutes Antonio [Valencia] got sent off which meant I was back at left-back. I felt at home there, though.”

The player feels he has had his good moments in the team and is ready for a new challenge. He is expected to be part of the travelling team for Norway as United face Valerenga on Sunday evening.  Jose Mourinho may give youth a chance and one of the top youth prospects in the academy. It will be good for him and for Mourinho as well since United are in serious need for a top left back. The amazing thing is that he has shown glimpses of greatness and can compete with Joe Riley for the matter. It’s a huge boost for the first team, maybe he won’t be thrown to fire, as Jose says, but if this choice is inside the club, this is incredible. It’s Valerenga up next for Mitchell, a new challenge for the youngster who will take full advantage of this opportunity. He is ready and all of us are ready to have a look at him.

Written by Fabiola Cejku


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