Does Manchester United need recruitment in January?

After Manchester United’s 2-2 draw with Leicester City, followed by the 0-0 draw with Southampton days later, I have come to the conclusion that the club needs to sign some new players. United’s performances have been dire in recent weeks and lacking urgency – maybe some fresh blood would lift the club.

There are a few areas which I think Mourinho needs to address, however, I understand the club has spent a lot of money already. If the club had players that were ready to step up from the Academy, then I would say promote from within.

‘A number 10’

The first area I think United need to invest in is a proper ‘number 10’ type player. The recent speculation around Mesut Ozil joining the club gets me excited because he is exactly the type of player I think we need in that role. Also, there’s the added bonus that Ozil has worked with Mourinho before at Real Madrid, and he was unbeatable during his time there. The fact that he will have the pace of Anthony Martial, Marcus Rashford, and even Jesse Lingard to an extent will only help the German international. He sees the pass nobody else sees. Should Ozil arrive, then that would surely spell the end of Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s Manchester United career, who has shown glimpses of his quality but just hasn’t been consistent enough.

A right-winger

To be honest, I think we have lacked a top quality right-winger since Cristiano Ronaldo left the club in 2009. After watching United play Leicester on Saturday night, I think that Riyad Mahrez would be a very good addition to the side. He’s quick, skillful, direct, and creative. He’s everything United should crave for in a winger. The Algerian said he wanted to leave Leicester in the summer but no bid came in for him that was acceptable to the Foxes. No doubt they would drive a hard bargain for the winger in January but maybe in the summer, Mahrez would be a more realistic target.

A Leader

This isn’t necessarily a January signing and could be a role taken on by someone already in the club, but since the departure of Nemanja Vidic, United haven’t had a leader on the pitch. The club is renowned for the leaders we’ve had – Steve Bruce, Bryan Robson, Eric Cantona, Roy Keane just to name a few. After watching United’s performances in recent weeks, there’s no one in this team that will stand up and lead by example and tell the lads when something is wrong. There’s no one willing to take responsibility. If United were to buy a ‘leader’, I’m not sure who that would be in the form of a player. I don’t think there’s too many around.

I’ve always said this United team just needs a few tweaks to be great. Maybe not great as in Champions League winning great, like we strive to be, but certainly good enough to win the league the title. If we were sat top of the league and City hadn’t started so well, maybe this would never have been an article. I think the league has gone this season, but I think these are the areas that need strengthening for next season.


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