Five reasons to be optimistic ahead of the 2016/17 season

Jose Mourinho

With all the transfer speculation flying about and the European Championships clogging up most of our time, it’s easy to forget the new season is but a month away. And this season has something different about don’t you think? Of course as fans of Manchester United we  go into each new season with the hope of a title win at the bare minimum and having a squad capable of much more than that. The last three have all been false dawns, under David Moyes, it was more blind faith than anything concrete, and Louis van Gaal promised much in his first and his second was meant to be a gimme. Things don’t always work out the way you hope. But this season there are five definite reasons to get excited, and here they are;

Jose Mourinho is a winner

It’s what he does. And love him or hate him, Mourinho almost guarantees success. It’s the first time since Sir Alex Ferguson that I really sense a title challenge is more than on the cards and winning it is a massive possibility. He’s started laying the foundations in the off-pitch battle with his brilliant dig at Arsene Wenger in his first press conference, and he and Pep Guardiola have previous from Spain that I’m sure he will look to profit from. Of the new managers at the top teams, he is the one that knows the league and is the one that’s won it. It’s got me excited anyway.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic 

Much like Mourinho, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a bona fide winner. He’s won the title in every league he’s played in and England is the only one missing off one of the most illustrious CV’s in modern football. It’s one that he wants, and when he wants he normally gets. Then factor in his ego, and that of his manager is something not seen at Old Trafford since the days of Eric Cantona. It’s one of those egos that can spur the rest of the players on with it and inspire great things from those closest, it’s rubbing off on the fans as well.

The new signings in areas that needed them

Louis van Gaal does deserve credit for some of his signings and certainly his sales. It’s left Jose Mourinho without much to do in quite so many areas. And these are where Mourinho has signed thus far. Eric Bailly is one that is due to develop, and all reports are that he will do very well, Zlatan Ibrahimovic needs no introduction and Henrik Mkhitaryan has stats that suggest he is as hard to handle on the pitch as his name is to say. Should Paul Pogba sign as well, it’ll be quite something in terms of business done.

Mourinho has already said the Europa League doesn’t matter

He also doesn’t take great pride in winning the EFL Cup (formerly the Capital One Cup). The competitions seen as ‘second rate’ have most likely been earmarked for the expulsion of the “Mourinho doesn’t play youth” myth that is affiliated with the Portuguese manager. This, in effect, allows first team players the opportunity for plenty of rest between league matches and a fresher team is always an advantage as others compete on all fronts. This is merely me speculating as it stands, but should it play out like this then it’s all the more reason to believe United can win it.

Home is normally a fortress for Mourinho 

His Chelsea sides went an absurd length of time without tasting defeat at Stamford Bridge, and in fact, his home record at Madrid and Inter weren’t too shabby either. It all suggests that Old Trafford will be a place everyone wants to go to next season and the grey cloud that has hung above it for three seasons now (and yes I know it always rains in Manchester, the other grey cloud I’m on about) may be set to be shifted along in this new era. Home form is vital if you want to win the league, and Mourinho knows this.

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