Former Porto striker reveals how to keep Jose Mourinho happy

Manchester United’s new boss Jose Mourinho seems to be enjoying training sessions with his new players, and all the players have looked raring to work under the former Champions League winner. One thing every player at Manchester United will be wondering is how to impress Mourinho, and former Champions League-winning striker Benni McCarthy has revealed exactly how United players should approach training under Mourinho. McCarthy was part of Mourinho’s famous treble-winning Porto side in 2004, and he scored two goals to knock United out of the Champions League in that season.

The South African stressed the importance of not being afraid of Mourinho and being ready to correct the mistakes they make. He also emphasized how important Mourinho could be for United’s strikers, namely Wayne Rooney, Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford, in words that will bring comfort to United fans in the futures of a player trying to resurrect and two players trying to build their careers. McCarthy told FourFourTwo the following:

“No one should be fearful of him unless they don’t do as they’re told and keep repeating mistakes. If you’re willing to learn under Mourinho, you’ll do well. Footballers like waking up in the morning and looking forward to training with him. [Wayne] Rooney, Anthony Martial and definitely Marcus Rashford will benefit.”

Manchester United fans will take delight from the fact that they have reason to believe Mourinho will bring the best out of strikers at Manchester United. Not only did he struggle with strikers in his second spell at Chelsea, but Manchester United also had problems with strikers since Robin van Persie passed his prime and Sir Alex Ferguson wasn’t around to get the best out of Javier Hernandez. United fans love more than anything to see stunning attacking sides, and high-class strikers are a major part of that.

However, McCarthy also stated that Mourinho’s teams are always defence first, whether United fans will like it or not. McCarthy believed that, despite conceding very few goals, teams took comfort from the fact they were able to create many chances against United. He also believes that this will change under Mourinho, a manager values discipline, caution, and preparation with attention to detail more than most other men in football. He also implied that Mourinho has a better chance of restoring the fear of Manchester United that used to plague any team who entered Old Trafford.

“Defence is the priority for Jose [Mourinho]. Teams haven’t been afraid to play against Manchester United like they used to be. Even though their defence didn’t concede so many goals [last season], it still looked leaky and teams knew they’d get chances against them. He wants his teams to be very disciplined. It’s not all attack, attack, attack. He’s cautious but makes sure opponents can’t break you down easily. He’ll be very well prepared on opponents, better than anyone.”

While United fans will be disappointed to hear their suspicions about Mourinho’s football backed up by a player with a legitimate claim to such knowledge, they will be thrilled to hear that Mourinho can get the best out of the club’s somewhat-maligned strike force and especially thrilled to hear that the fear of Old Trafford will return in due time. United fans have waited at the edge of their seats for the last three years for something to happen, and there have been enough so close moments for a lifetime in those years. They want the results once and for all, and more and more signs are pointing to the fact that the results are coming in style.




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