Ryan Giggs given options to remain at Manchester United; but not as assistant manager

With Louis van Gaal’s departure and Jose Mourinho’s arrival at Manchester United, the latter is expected to bring an assistant manager of his own. Though it seems like a good idea from the perspective of uniformity, it raises questions as to what will happen to current United assistant manager Ryan Giggs. Giggs is a legend at Manchester United and it would be more than a disappointment to see him leave the club, and it seems the fate surrounding his future at United has finally been decided.

Manchester United reportedly wants to keep Giggs so badly, they’ve told him he can choose whatever job he wants – as long as he does not choose manager or assistant manager. Giggs seems to want to be a manager in the future, which means he is still likely to decline the offer, but an offer of this nature is so rare it would not be a surprise to see him accept.

Giggs has reportedly been asked to model his own, comfortable role at United, instead of making a specific offer. However, the future of one of the most legendary United figures ever is unclear. Giggs is remarkably in his 29th year at Manchester United, but reports say he may view this option as a demotion at the club and opt to leave in search of a managerial role somewhere else.

It is easy to understand why Giggs would be disappointed with this offer from United. The original plan was for Giggs to take over after Louis van Gaal’s three-year contract ended, but van Gaal was sacked after his second season because he failed to meet expectations as United failed to qualify for the Champions League. United’s blueprint is changing, and Giggs understandably wants to know what his place at the club is.

For so long, Giggs was part of a United side that did not experience this much change under Sir Alex Ferguson. It is debatable that less change occurred in his first 25 years at United than in his last 4 years. Giggs’ image of this United side, along with our image, is changing into something completely different and a lot more commercial. As football becomes more competitive, very few organizations are able to maintain the same stability, and Giggs does not have experience in any coaching role, so he needs to be given a start.

For now, though, he needs to make a decision about his future in football. Mourinho and United have supposedly put him under no pressure to choose what he will do next. Many believe the player was swayed towards leaving, but friends have persuaded him to consider it by telling him that working for Mourinho is an excellent option.

As far as the sentimental side of United is concerned, Giggs needs to stay at the club. He is one of the few members of the club high up the hierarchy who understands what United is and was for so long before. However, football is now a passion and a business, and it may be a better decision for both United and Giggs to move on. If Giggs is successful elsewhere, there is no reason as to why he wouldn’t end up at United, and many still believe he will eventually guide the team up the touchline on a sunny day at Old Trafford.

Written by Aaron Moniz


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