Giggs Hits Out At Rodgers Claims Over Van Gaal

In the Manchester Evening News, Ryan Giggs has hit back at Brendan Rodgers over the Liverpool Managers claims Louis Van Gaal may not be suited to life in the Premier League.

Rodgers claimed van Gaal may find life tough as anyone can beat anyone, unlike other leagues where only two or three competitive sides. Rodgers goes on to say the new United manager will be in for a short sharp shock this season, as many other foreign managers and players have experienced the same issues.

His comments were enough to rile Ryan Giggs into defence of his new boss, with the Welshman saying:

“He’s not going to be overwhelmed.

“Even the manager has realised how big this club is in the short space of time he has been here. The crowds for friendlies are ‘unbelievable’ in his words.

“He’s managed at the top-level for a long, long time and won’t be intimidated or afraid of managing Manchester United.”


Rodgers comments come in the wake of the 3-1 friendly defeat in Miami in the final of the Guinness International Champions Cup, and appear to be his own way of playing mind games, maybe even a comment made in bitterness. Outplayed on Monday (in the second half anyway), having lost their best (only) player to Barcelona and the disappointment of last season’s slip up (absolutely pun intended) could all be culminating in this outburst.

Though the fact of the matter is we don’t know how van Gaal will do in the Premier League, so a year down the line, Rodgers could be proven correct. But the signs all point to this being a rather poor effort. The work Van Gaal has done at previous clubs, and with the Dutch national side in the World Cup, point to someone very special. And the changes he has enforced at Old Trafford in his short spell so far cannot be discounted. With three or four signings we could even be considered title contenders by some people.

Van Gaal won’t be perturbed by Rodgers comments – successful managers rarely are when a lesser being tries to call their ability into question – and won’t be out to prove any points to anyone and least of all Brendan Rodgers. He is, however, right about one thing in that the Premier League is far better than any other league in the world. But so is the World Cup, and he didn’t struggle then.

We will see in May if the comments are correct. But should United finish above Liverpool in the league, Rodgers will look even more stupid than his general appearance genuinely does. Van Gaal has come up against far more formidable foes and won. Mr Rodgers, prepare the eggs for your face.


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