Harrop makes it all clear regarding his Manchester United departure this summer

When Joshua Harrop left Manchester United to join Preston North End on a free, many Manchester United fans were left shocked as the youngster had made his debut in May with a stunning performance scoring a beautiful goal. Others who were close to him or even those who saw the situation coming, not only respected his decision but also understood why he had to act in that way. Harrop was raised in the United Academy so the poor excuses didn’t work in here, he was entering a different world, maybe the real one as he had to make a chance only one month after he had had the best moment of his life. Weeks after he made his mind up, Harrop recently spoke about his decision and why this was the best for him.

The player revealed that he didn’t directly speak with Jose Mourinho regarding the decision to leave or stay, but he had had signals from inside the club that it was time for him to go and launch his career somewhere else for the best. As it can be noticed there would little space for him in the team as the position he plays already has a strong competition going, yet Mourinho wants to add another player who is more balanced, someone who can offer security in the back and it was obvious that Harrop wouldn’t get his chance.

“I didn’t really speak to the manager directly, but a few people within the club, and they basically said it was the right time to go out in the league and play.

“At United, I wasn’t going to be given the chance with the players coming in so it was the right time – even though I just made my debut. It was hard.”

Known for his strong character, Joshua Harrop describes Jose Mourinho as a really good person who helped him to make through his debut. It wasn’t easy for a player who had been playing in the Reserves level to come out there and score a goal in his debut with great technique. The Portuguese manager is well known for the treatment he gives to a player that is about to make their debut. He is indeed a caring manager and despite his reputation, things are different on the inside. Harrop knows this.

“He really helped me with my debut. He sat me down and told me to try and enjoy it because it was a positive step in my career. I owe a lot to him for giving me a chance and giving me my debut.”

It was probably for the best, Harrop would find it hard in the team and there is a thing when it comes to youth policy. Not every single one of them will have the chance to make it in the first team. A few of them had their chances and left to find their way to success in another team, yet others are waiting for their chances as they have been impressing Jose Mourinho. One thing is for sure, Joshua Harrop is incredibly talented and will be a success at Preston North End.

Written by Fabiola Cejku


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