If Jose Mourinho lands Gareth Bale, give Manchester United the title already says Jamie Redknapp

Since the Mourinho comments about Gareth Bale everyone has gone mad regarding the team Manchester United can build around the Welshman. Jamie Redknapp went even further somehow saying what others didn’t dare to say: If Bale signs, give United the title already’. It seems crazy if we put it in a direct way but Redknapp believes in Bale’s qualities saying that he is really good and he would be the real big thing in the Premier League.

The story as we know has started years ago with United always going after Bale, but the Welshman hasn’t been keen on signing for United, refusing. However, things have changed. It has been a while since Gareth Bale has been the key figure in Madrid and another one has taken his place on the team. He remains a Zinedine Zidane favourite but with his injury record, Real Madrid manager may prefer Isco over him or in another case which is indeed likely he may get replaced by Kylian Mbappe. Apparently now a deal with Manchester United can be reached if they come with the right offer. In those terms, Real Madrid may go for the crazy idea of including David De Gea on the deal yet nothing has gone thus far.

Getting back to the comments Jamie Redknapp made on the Welshman, we see that he is considered the key person that would change the balance in the Premier League title.

“If it did (happen) I think you should just give Manchester United the trophy now. It won’t be to do with anyone else because Gareth Bale is that good. He would rip the Premier League apart if he came here.”

As it is noted, Gareth Bale is Premier League bound and he is made to play in it. He is incredibly fast and his physic helps him a lot with the case making it all perfect for a return in England.

“I think the way that he plays – in that team – he would be sensational. There are only a few players that can do what he can. He is sensational. He is made for the Premier League.”

Thierry Henry commented on Bale as well saying that Gareth Bale would be worth in every league he would play. Latest reports claim that Chelsea may fight United for his signing, yet no one is believed to match United’s offer and in these terms, Jose would be seen as the winner of the transfer window.

In the same way as his fellow pundit Jamie Redknapp, Henry thinks that in case Jose lands Bale, everyone should be scared.

“He is made for every league. If he becomes available I don’t think it will only be Man United going in for him. But on the other side how many teams could compete with Manchester United could offer?

“When you have a guy like Gareth Bale he gives you another dimension. If he leaves I’m sure he (Jose) will try and buy him – and if he comes then watch out everybody.”

Things change after team news though as Bale did start for Real Madrid in the UEFA Super Cup, so Mourinho may have second thoughts, however, it may be just mind games from Jose Mourinho and he already has something in his hands.


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