Improvement under Jose Mourinho is obvious says Mike Phelan

Former Manchester United assistant manager Mike Phelan gave his opinion on Manchester United’s performances last season and of course how the new signings are trying to impact the way the team will play this season; where the team stands with the opponents. Starting with the way Jose Mourinho has changed the team this summer and how the attention was all on United. True indeed as the manager and the team were the centre of attention again and every move was monitored by the media.

“You would like to think so. They have definitely added to what they have already got. They had an impressive season, really, last season, everybody was looking at them and scrutinising what they could do and couldn’t do.”

Despite the negatives, in the end, Manchester United won three trophies and in football, that’s all that matters. Their opponents aren’t behind as the teams are all making quality signings and it will be a strong competition until the end.

“I think winning a couple of trophies was excellent and they will have to build on that, but having said that, all the other Premier League clubs are doing the same.”

Everything United went for last season was bringing UEFA Champions League football back at Old Trafford and after achieving this goal, now the tasks get even harder as United have to adapt Europe at a higher level. This, according to Phelan is indeed interesting and new signings are needed (besides Victor Lindelof and Romelu Lukaku).

“But it makes it interesting, they have to adapt a little bit more because they are back in Europe – that’s a big plus for them and the squad needs to get bigger and better.”

When you look at the signings every top six Premier League side have made except Tottenham Hotspur, who on their side have kept the group together, you see that everybody is going for the title and that’s really important. It has been a while since United have challenged for the title as David Moyes and Louis van Gaal built a mentality around the team that seemed average, but now Jose has raised the requirements and this is obvious.

“I think everybody will [challenge for the title]. I think that it is important that Manchester United improve year-on-year, you know, they’ve had a little down time, now they have had a little success they will want to improve on that, I’m sure, and it will be competitive because everyone else is looking for that elusive championship title.”

With the signings made from the Premier League sides you just see that the money has been splashed out. Even player salaries are incredible and this worries Phelan.

“There is a lot of money in the Premier League now and it seems to be endless at the moment and keeps going up and up and up, with that the reality is that players’ salaries and players’ fees are going to go through the roof.

“You have to either be in it or out of it and football clubs have to make that decision; it is a very, very competitive league, the Premier League.”

This is what the Premier League has become but Phelan shares an interesting thought; as you have to know the right time where to do it in order to improve the team they have and this is a competition where you must survive. Otherwise, things always end up terribly.

“I think it is an interesting league but you have to spend the cash at certain times in order to improve and the ones that do it is always a gamble, the ones that don’t they are obviously happy with what they’ve got.”

Written by Fabiola Cejku


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