Injuries are holding Manchester United back once again

The superstitious of Manchester United fans could argue that the club has some kind of curse surrounding the injuries that occur within the squad. It seems as though that not only do the injuries occur often, but they also occur at the worst possible times.

Currently, for instance, United is in a fight for fourth place in the Premier League and has six players who are currently out injured. Among the six injured are Ander Herrera and Nemanja Matic who have played major roles in the club’s success in the second half of the season.

With certain players out injured, and United’s squad already being fairly thin when it comes to reliable backup players, youth players become the backup, and are placed into the first squad when they might not be ready for that level of play quite yet, for example, this season it has been Mason Greenwood and Scott McTominay who have been brought up to the first team fairly early, and have shown those signs of amateurism. 

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The problem with pushing young players up to this level so early is when they struggle, it can be a huge hit to the players confidence, and may result in them struggling going forward. Luckily for both cases of McTominay and Greenwood, it merely seemed to be a show of what may be in store for the club’s future.

While that thought process would ideally be a negative trait to a young player, it is, unfortunately, a real fear for some younger members that one poor performance even so early on in their playing career could lead to a lack of confidence from the manager and therefore the player finds themselves on the bottom of the list once again.

At the level of club that United is, that kind of thing is a normal occurrence, and thus is why it is critical to prime players properly for the first team, and ensure they will be ready to perform when their time comes.

In order to prevent the youth squad members from being thrust into the first team too early, a club must add some players to the club who can serve as viable options when players become injured. Unfortunately for United, the club’s bench has been fairly weak as of late, and may need to be boosted in order for the club to be successful under the new era of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

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Especially with the rumoursof players also exiting the club this summer, United will definitely need to be active in the summer window to bring in players to fill the depth needed to keep its players from making premature starts in the Premier League. 

Traditionally clubs who are looking to fill depth positions are looking for players who may be slightly older and more experienced, that they can trust to come in when needed and perform to the expectations needed to comfortably get three points in a match.

As the summer draws near, time will tell if that is the target that United is looking at, or if they are trusting the youth to begin to graduate into the senior squad and save money in the summer. 

Written by Joel Dulka

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