Inter Milan to request tw​o-yea​r loan for Romelu Lukaku with an obligation to buy…

Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku seems to be firm in his decision to leave the Old Trafford club this summer, although it has been suggested that he will not officially ask to leave by handing in a transfer request. However, it seems obvious from the player’s previous comments that his future at United is something that will be shortlived.

Inter Milan have a massive interest in signing Lukaku this summer but based on previous reports, they do not want to meet United’s valuation of the player. And to think, two years ago, when United was trying to sign Ivan Perisic, the fact the club seemed unwilling to agree on a reasonable fee for the player should be reverberating in their minds.

It is suggested that the Serie A side plan to request Lukaku on a two-year loan with a fee of £9 million then, at the end of that term, an obligation to purchase the player for £54 million with United receiving a total of £63 million for the player who cost £75 million two summers ago. United, however, is said to be seeking around £80 million for the Belgian.

The reports suggest that United are unimpressed with the idea of having to wait two years for the bulk of the fee and because of that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is keen to keep that player at the Old Trafford club. Whether that is true or this is just a public posturing to ensure United get the money this summer, we shall see in the next couple of weeks.

The 26-year-old’s agent, Federico Pastorello has already met with Inter in Milan this week, although he is believed to represent other players in an around the city. The club is free to sign players again from the 1 July after having a financial fair play transfer ban imposed. When Pastorello left the meeting, he confirmed that the subject of Lukaku had come up, saying:

“Lukaku is a dream, a difficult one to make happen as such. But I believe nothing is impossible.

“Yes, he’s publicly expressed his plans and desires. We’ll see what happens.

“Lukaku is a dream, a difficult one to make happen as such, but I believe nothing is impossible. It’s not impossible and Inter is trying hard.”

Lukaku has played a total of 96 matches for United, scoring 42 goals in all competitions in the two years he has played for the club since he was signed from Everton. Last season, he managed just 15 goals in 45 appearances, often struggling to get involved in matches, keep the ball or do things with it. He was overshadowed by Marcus Rashford, especially after Solskjaer replaced Jose Mourinho.

Personally, I feel that United should stick to their guns. The club owes Lukaku nothing at the end of the day. He has a good contract which includes a great wage. If he wants to leave, the buying club will have to meet United’s demands. Whilst getting a loan fee for the player this summer, then the bulk of the remaining fee in two years might seem good to balance the books at the time, it means that United would be seen as weak.

Inter Milan tried to pull United’s pants down over the prospective Perisic deal two years ago, demanding a massive fee for the player, despite him being 28 at the time. United need to demand that Lukaku’s sale is on their terms, not terms which have been set by Inter Milan. If they cannot afford to sign the player, they should not have taken the steps they have taken so far this summer.

If United agree that this is the best option to allow Lukaku to leave then they have to hold their price, ensuring that Inter Milan pays what the club value the player at, whether it is £80 million, or less than that. Also, in order for the deal to go through this summer, with that two-year loan spell, United should demand at least half of the fee to be paid this summer with more paid next summer and the summer after, if it needs to be stretched over the course of three summer transfer windows.

Inter Milan cannot demand that United sell a player they want on their terms. It has to be based on the terms of the selling club, not the buying club. If that is not good enough for Inter, then I guess they will just have to make do without Lukaku this summer, with United either keeping him or trying to sell him elsewhere, to a club that can afford him this summer.

The ball is in United’s court to ensure they get a reasonable fee for Lukaku and as the player has not kicked up a fuss to leave, he should be happy to stay, although as it is clear that he does not see his future at United, he will need to ensure he leaves. As it is suggested that he does not want to hand in a transfer request – wanting an amicable departure, the player and his agent should be ensuring United get a fee they want not a fee that Inter Milan can onlt afford to pay.

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