Is David De Gea still Manchester United’s best player?

For season upon season since his arrival the Spaniard has proved himself to be one of the best goalkeepers on the planet, and for the past few years he has been voted as United’s best player and the best goalkeeper in the Premier League, but after a relatively successful season with great performances from outfield players is he still United’s best player.

The short answer is simply yes. Although United have restored some stability in defence and somewhat in the centre of the park, De Gea is still heavily relied on to win games for the reds. Take the Arsenal game earlier in the season, yes, we won the game 3-1 with some wonderful breakaway goals, but De Gea was still man-of-the-match and were it not for him we might not have won the game at all.

Although he is talked about in the highest regard, he still doesn’t earn enough credit but I suppose that is the life of being a goalkeeper.

He arrived at Old Trafford for what seems a bargain at just over £17 Million, but wasn’t even manager at the time Sir Alex Ferguson’s first choice, he wanted German Manuel Neuer as Edwin van der Sar’s replacement. However, he told Manchester Evening News back in 2016; “he was glad he was convinced to change his mind.”

Arriving as a young inexperienced 19-year-old the Spaniard looked out of his depth in his first few seasons at Old Trafford, he was prone to mistakes and some questionable decisions, but that was going to come with being inexperienced. As time grew, and he got used the League and his surroundings his performances got better and better, and the boy from Madrid has not looked back.

The transition period between Ferguson leaving and today has been tough on the team but De Gea has never wavered and been the most important player in that period, and one that each manager who has come through the door can rely on.

This season has been probably United’s best since Ferguson left back in 2013, even though the Reds haven’t won a trophy as of yet. Performances have been a lot better and players have appeared to stand up and be counted more. The signings of Matic and Lukaku have been fundamental in that success, and both could be regarded as United’s best player this season.

However, no-one can reiterate enough just how important De Gea is for United, and he has and will ultimately be the reds best and most important player until the devastating day he leaves. Obviously with the performances and the title ‘best goalkeeper in the world’, the world’s best clubs come sniffing. Real Madrid are reported to have been interested in the 27-year-old for the past three seasons and will not give up on bringing the Madrid boy back home.

Nevertheless, he did tell Manchester Evening News back in January how ‘very happy’ at Old Trafford he was amid all the speculation about his future.

There is no doubt United have some incredible attacking talent and performances in some games this season have been at a premium. But there is no escaping the fact how important and consistent the Spaniard remains, which undoubtedly makes him United’s best player for this season, and hopefully, the season’s to come.

Written by Dan Pearce

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