Is Mats Hummels Future In Doubt After Dortmund Rant?

How the mighty have fallen. In just seven months Borussia Dortmund have gone from second in the Bundesliga, to second bottom. In 19 months they’ve fallen from UEFA Champions League runners-up to one of the bottom teams in the Bundesliga. At the beginning of the season, a move to Manchester United for Mats Hummels was laughed off by many as a step down for the German defender. The Mirror report that everything may not be peaches and cream in the North Rhine-Westphalia, and a move may not be so farfetched after all.

“We’ve managed pretty well at home in recent weeks, but not at all away.

“Its pretty astonishing that we are so pathetic.”

This certainly isn’t a statement you would associate with a settled and happy member of your squad, and it’s certainly something that Louis van Gaal (should he be interested of course) will be very interested in hearing. It’s a statement that has the potential to make something happen regarding a move.


However, it is reading too much into things to say it means he will definitely be on his way out from Dortmund, that’s for certain. He seems to be more concerned with the situation than the club itself, which is expected, of course, who wouldn’t be in the position they find themselves in? But what it does do is give United a hook, and some bait with which to lure. If we are going to make a move, January is the time to cast our rods.

Which is all well and good saying, but to look into the situation, Mats Hummels is rumoured to cost £45 million, for a team in Dortmund’s position that’s a heck of a lot to ask for. It would be like Sunderland asking for £40 million for Sebastian Coates (well, you know what I mean). And then there’s the fact he’s the rock of a side that are floundering, is he worth it if he is struggling currently?

There’s no doubting that Hummels is a wonderful defender, the aforementioned question was merely a musing and more a doubting of the fee than anything ability related. The crux of the matter is, he simply isn’t worth that amount of money currently, and Ed Woodward needs to remember that if he negotiates.

The Centre of our defence is an area in which we are desperate for numbers, and desperation can sometimes yield a rushed result, but there is two weeks to consider and plan and plot what to do to sign a player that would undoubtedly improve us.

I’ve said before I feel United need to contact Dortmund with a blank cheque and say “name your price” for the 26-year-old, but now we are in the driving seat. A seat that looked unlikely three months ago. Realistically we can offer the chance of European football in 2015/16 with a reasonable degree of confidence, Dortmund clearly can’t.

Of course, as ever, the ‘uncertain future’ is purely speculation, but there is no smoke without fire. And our reliance on youth and Michael Carrick should be the deciding factor in making the move for another World Class player (should there need to be one anyhow). If things carry on down this route, then we won’t be the only side calling in the summer (not that I believe we will be in January mind), and this is a time where no European football may play into our hands, it means he is more attractive to us than at sides in the Champions League.

No one doubts that Hummels is the right signing to make, he’s a player I personally would love to see at Old Trafford, and don’t think I am alone. Not just for his obvious talent, but the effect he will have on the side. We need a leader, and he can be it.


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