Is Zlatan Ibrahimovic set for a contract extension?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has only been at the club for a bit over a month, and after having two successful games at Manchester United, his future at the club already looks bright. Ibrahimovic is currently 34, turning 35 in this coming October, and he is yet another example of how` age is simply a number, and it doesn’t defy how well a player can perform. One person who seems to believe that Ibrahimovic has a future at the club, longer than his current one-year contract, is Jose Mourinho. When asked about Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Jose Mourinho commented on how well he has adapted and how he feels that will contribute to his future at the club:

“I see him happy. I ask about his family, his wife, his kids – I know how important these things are to him. Everything is fine and everybody is happy.

“He has a very high motivation, so I see him here, no doubts, for the next two years.”

Personally, If Zlatan Ibrahimovic is able to continue performing as he has done so far, I hope that he stays until his legs give in. Ibrahimovic is a fantastic player, who seems to always outshine his previous season and stay as one of the world’s top strikers, and now has the opportunity to succeed in England. In reality, I believe that two years is a good period for both Ibrahimovic, and other strikers at the club. If Ibrahimovic does extend his contract for a second year he will once again have the opportunity to play, and attempt to win the UEFA Champions League. Zlatan Ibrahimovic himself has commented on a possibility to extend his stay at Old Trafford. In a recent interview with Sky Sports, Ibrahimovic said: 

“Let’s see what happens. You never know. It could be more than two, it could be more than three. Let’s see how long I feel like I can perform. 

“I will not be somewhere only because I am Ibrahimovic. I will be somewhere because I can perform and bring results.

“It was the moment to come to England, and who would not come to Manchester United? I don’t believe there is anybody who could say no to a club like Manchester United.

“Probably the players that play for other clubs in England would like to come here, 100 per cent. I am very happy I am here and representing Manchester United. Even the name sounds cool.”

As I mentioned before, I believe that at this moment in time Zlatan Ibrahimovic is perfect for the club, and whilst his goals always benefit the club, the role he plays to the younger players might be the best thing he can help. Zlatan Ibrahimovic has played with a variety of different players, in different leagues, and under different managers, making him one of the most experienced players still playing the beautiful game. I believe that he is able to get the best out of the player such as Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial, even Paul Pogba will be able to benefit having Zlatan around him. Thus why I believe that Ibrahimovic is more than welcome to stay at Manchester United, but he must also understand that sometimes players such as Rashford need to play in order to grow, and his previous reactions show he also understands this. Judging by his comments, It seems Zlatan is ready to spend some time in Manchester but also seems to understand that when his time comes to take his talents elsewhere he will do so.

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