Apply to write for was founded in July 2012 and has amassed more than 23 million page views since its launch. The website has changed hands recently and we are now looking to promote the website again and get back to covering everything Manchester United.

We are currently looking for additional writers, whether you have written before or not, whether you are looking to start a hobby or gain some extra experience if you are currently studying journalism, we want to hear from you.

The site will be used to gain individual writers exposure in this area, so it will only be a hobby for those given the opportunity, but you will be helped to improve your writing ability, given feedback on every article that has been submitted and maybe boost your profile as a writer.

We are always asked what would be needed to write for the website. It is all pretty simple. You do not need to be a literary genius. You will simply need the following attributes;

You will need to be at least 16 years old.

Be able to write to a good standard in the English language.

Have a good knowledge of Manchester United and be a supporter of the club.

Have access to Manchester United matches, whether live in the flesh or via television; access to the U23s, U18s and the Women’s team would be a bonus.

Able to think for yourself and generate your own ideas and conduct research for your articles.

You will also need the following to be able to write for the website. These tools not only assist you in writing articles but they will help you market your article yourself, which is something you will need to do;

Desktop Computer or Laptop (writing on a mobile phone is not ideal). 

Word processing software, such as Microsoft Word or equivalent.

An active Twitter account. It would be a bonus if you already have a Manchester United following, or are seeking to grow your account.

An active Facebook account in your own name.

In order to become a writer for, you will need to complete the application process below. You will be asked the obvious information; name, email address, location, age but you will also be able to select the topic areas that interest you, along with the number of articles that you feel you could write, at a minimum, each week. There is also an exercise to complete. You should view the question as a topic and provide the answer in article form.

The website is not used for monetary gain. This is a hobby for me and it would be a hobby basis for you too. Every writer will learn valuable skills, whether you want to write professionally in the future, or not. Feedback will be given for each article and assistance is available, should you need it. All you need to do is ask, knowing what you want help with, of course.

Once you have submitted your application, normally you will hear back from us via email within a few hours, but please allow us three working days to contact you. Once you have been accepted, you will be sent instructions in an email, providing you with a link to one of our close facebook groups, where help is available.

copyright: PB

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