Jose Mourinho aiming for the top from day one at Old Trafford

Jose Mourinho

As far as proven winners go, Jose Mourinho is the best example remaining in the modern game. It’s what he does. They say the only guarantees in life are death and taxes, but Jose Mourinho winning things is slowly creeping up there with them. So it comes as little surprise that he has come out as saying he is aiming to win the lot as Manchester United manager, and it’s very difficult not to believe he will achieve his goals.

Sky Sports report the new boss was in his usual fearsome mood in his first press conference in charge of Manchester United. Never one to mince his words, Mourinho took his first pop at counterpart Arsene Wenger during the half hour introduction and also laid out his intentions for all to see and fear.

“I was never very good at hiding behind words or philosophies. I was always much more aggressive in my approach, with the risks it can bring.

“It’s would be easy, honest and pragmatic for me to focus on the last three years, and the fact we didn’t qualify for the Champions League, and to say ‘let’s work, let’s try to be back in the top-four, let’s try to do well in the Europa League’.

“But I am not good at that, and I don’t want to be good. I prefer to be more aggressive and to be more aggressive is to say ‘we want to win ‘.”

Aggressive is certainly the correct adjective for Mourinho’s short time at the helm. Just a month into his rule and already 3 players have been confirmed as signed. Reports are surfacing thick and fast that Paul Pogba is on his way back to Manchester for a staggering amount of money. Mourinho isn’t just aggressive in his words, but he is also ruthless in his all round approach to life at his new club. The signs he is showing will no doubt be reverberating throughout the country and other teams must really be believing that Mourinho is the man to bring United back to the top. If they aren’t, he certainly is.

He also talks about playing the young players. Where the usual string of top names are being linked, and two of the three signings already recognised and genuine stars of world football, it is refreshing to hear him say that the wealth of talent in the United Academy still cross his mind. It also puts to bed any doubts that some of us had regarding his youth policy. The Manchester United job is the one Mourinho has coveted for some time now, it seems that he just gets what the club is about. In his words, Mourinho talks about aggression but this isn’t always a trait affiliated with his style of play. He is known for ‘parking the bus’ against the bigger teams from his spell in London and this doesn’t sit well within the ethos of ‘the United way’, fans don’t want to go through the trauma experienced last season under Louis van Gaal, if aggression is what Mourinho says he wants then this must transpire onto the pitch.

It seems as though he knows exactly what to say to get mouths watering. It seems like he knows who to sign to get trousers twitching. But perhaps most importantly of all, it seems like he knows what Manchester United are all about and is willing to put this into practice. We fans need the excitement back, we need to believe every attack could be a goal, and every defensive situation could potentially lead to a goal at the other end. The bricks are in place and the plans are there for all to see, can Mourinho make Manchester United successful again?

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