Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola as seen from the eyes of Neil Custis

Neil Custis has been discussing Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho on Sunday Supplement and has given his opinion on the two managers and the way they have started their Premier League campaign as he sees no improvement on Guardiola’s team despite making new signings as Manchester City had to find the goal in a controversial way in the last minutes of the game this weekend. When it comes to Mourinho to him is obvious, the side hasn’t just improved, but the connection between all the elements of this club has been brought back to life once again.

First, he took on Guardiola and wasn’t happy about the way he sees football and plays it. It has to do with all the things that keep the game alive and fans attached to it. We all know that Guardiola played with the famous tiki-taka at Barcelona and it worked out there, however, when adapting to a different team it will be indeed hard or maybe impossible to transmit the philosophy to the players. He has a strong group but isn’t quietly knowing how to use it, causing disappointment among the fans.

When it comes to doing things right, Custis says that Mourinho is the opposite of Guardiola, keeping football simple and he has taken the best out of the season so far, winning all three games in the Premier League. Winning games and losing simplicity are not the only things Guardiola has been criticized of, as his decisions have affected a few players now. Neil Custis took on his decision of dropping Aguero, definitely not wise and we all could see the consequences.

“Whereas Mourinho simplifies football, I think Guardiola overcomplicates it. There were a number of times against Bournemouth where they were getting caught at the back, again with the short passing, again with failing to clear their lines. It just seems very complicated sometimes with what they’re trying to do.”

Things change when he took on Mourinho, someone who really knows the Premier League well and of course will do everything to get Manchester United crowned champions. It was hard for him last season, he was getting used to this club, adapting to it and bring something new and do it in the best way possible. Knowing the history and the tradition, nothing was easy for him. He was often slated for his decision making, but things have changed as he feels that this is the United he wanted.

Out of what The Sun journalist has claimed, I would say that you can tell the way he is building things at the way he got Zlatan Ibrahimovic to sign a new contract. He knew how to convince him, yet make it clear that he won’t have a secure place in that Starting XI as with Romelu Lukaku’s arrival and Marcus Rashford’s and Anthony Martial’s performances, it will be hard to just come back. He knows Mourinho and Mourinho knows him; with Mourinho things are simple. To Custis, the club seemed a bit lost with the managers before the Portuguese and based on what he has achieved it is really great to have him here actually.

“You can’t help but praise the job he’s done. What I see Mourinho having done, having been around the club and going everywhere with them, is that he’s got the club back. “

Right now I don’t know if there are fans who think that he isn’t the right one, but to the Sun columnist he has brought the spirit back and the connection that always existed with the supporters.

“He’s got the spirit back, the relationship back between the club and the fans, the fans and the players. The spirit among the players now, compared to two years ago, is chalk and cheese.”

Over the past few years, there were always issues coming from the media, some were confirmed in silence that the players didn’t get along well, or there were even manager favourite and plenty of other unpleasant stuff. Well, the group hasn’t radically changed but those who have remained in the club they have got it together and have a special bond. Things have started to click again at Manchester United.

“I saw it in pre-season, they like each other, they get on, there’s a tremendous bond there. In a year, he has got the giant that had fallen asleep back tall and walking again. I just think he’s done a fantastic job there.”

Written by Fabiola Cejku


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