Jose Mourinho clearing out doubts if there’s rupture between him and Ander Herrera

The media loves to hate us, we already know this. Several talks went on in the past months that something had changed in the relationship between Ander Herrera and Jose Mourinho. Everything was in favour he was being benched, Marouane Fellaini was being chosen over him, so we all (the majority at least) came to the conclusion that the reports were stating the truth and the player’s career at Old Trafford had majorly changed.

Entering in his last year of contract there was no discussion that he would renew, but there are no decent reports stating that the talks have begun. On the other hand, other reports stated, in the game against Celta Vigo, Herrera had brought a friend of his which caused to Mourinho to boil, due to his ‘policies’ or whatsoever. After the game against Huddersfield Town, many thought that Ander went way too far with his statement and Mourinho’s reaction had me worried. Did I confuse you so far?

In fairness, thinking all of this, made me believe; this is actually true and it will be so hard for him to turn the page. Yet, I forgot that we live in a world where the media loves to make us believe several things that are not true, or even invent any kind of stories.

Mourinho as per usual decided to clear things out all by himself with the media. Taking note of the reaction after the loss against Huddersfield when he was baffled hearing Herrera’s words, with journalists being all over him and nothing good came from it, the United manager, had something to say and it was in an incredible way.

“Yes, I love my players. You try to create a mystery because of my reaction after Huddersfield, but there is no mystery about it. I was not speaking with Ander Herrera anymore? Pfft! Ander Herrera is the kind of guy that I have to push away because he wants to speak with me all the time! I don’t know where you get these kinds of stories but, yes, I am happy.”

When you are ahead of an important game, you want your players calm and ready for a difficult task. This has helped without a doubt, especially when the player mentioned is one of the key figures  in the game against Chelsea. Many United fans are wishing him to repeat what he did to Eden Hazard a few months ago, knowing that the player has Mourinho’s faith, especially publicly when it comes to this manager; it means a lot.

The relationship he has with each and every one of them is important. It is easy to create a confusion and the fans would fall for it, causing a meltdown all over the place. Having a friendly environment where the players would not feel the pressure of fake news is what Mourinho wants and his statements are well thought, and at the right time as well.

He may be accused of ruining a player’s confidence and integrity in public, but he is direct and I like this. No hard feeling, just the truth, and the players must react. I was not even sorry for hearing Mourinho after Herrera said. Differently of what many thought, in my opinion, it was a supportive opinion of what Ander said before. There are no turns with him; he is sneaky, in his tactics against an opponent, but with his player’s things are different.

I don’t blame him for this, so stop the ranting. Everything is in the way it should be, I don’t care. Creating confusion is not what we need. What we need is for the players to reflect what the manager says, react and perform. There isn’t much to ask, is it?

Written by Fabiola Cejku


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