Jose Mourinho unhappy at lack of transfer action as key targets slip further away

It is difficult to believe everything you read in this day and age, but the reports today from Sky Sports that Jose Mourinho isn’t happy at the lack of momentum built up thus far in the summer transfer window is one that you can buy into, especially as preseason looms large and Victor Lindelof is the only (senior) new face to walk through the Old Trafford doors.

This has then, of course, been leaped upon by social media and various fans of all creeds. A frenzy fuelled by pictures of Ed Woodward in New Zealand watching The Lions play the All Blacks, and packed full of the obligatory comments like “this doesn’t bode well for the rest of the window” and “we won’t be signing anyone then”. Sensationalism is always at its worse when football is involved, especially when there isn’t much else happening in the world of sport, and with Manchester United and transfers it reaches new levels. It is obviously forgotten that in this day and age there are portable communication devices such as mobile phones at everyone’s disposal.

Of course, the lack of activity is extremely frustrating. Targets like Antoine Griezmann being dropped like a hot stone seemingly out of the blue and the Cristiano Ronaldo rumours seeming like they had that tiny bit more go on them than they usually do only to take up their usual form of sweet nothing has made for disappointing reading for us fans. Then there is the saga’s surrounding Ivan Perisic, Alvaro Morata and latterly Nemanja Matic. Initial reports on all of the players were a deal was close, but that was June and we are now into July with no sign of any announcement anytime soon. The signing of Lindelof has long since been forgotten.

It is a firm belief most everywhere that Mourinho wanted to have at least three of his four major targets in place before his squad head out to the United States of America for the tour this weekend, and with it now looking nigh on impossible that this will be the case, there is every reason to believe he is at the absolute minimum disgruntled by the lack of new faces through the door (especially with Woodward enjoying extracurricular activities on the other side of the world) but I would be happy to stake it isn’t anywhere near as critical as is being made by reports. The main question we all need to ask ourselves is – would Ed Woodward be out enjoying himself there if he weren’t confident things were in place, or his position was completely settled and there was no more work he could do? The answer is a simple no.

Things are frustrating, and in recent seasons business has been sewn up well before this time on most of the targets. But now the desired individuals aren’t on free transfers, they aren’t unsettled or with links to the club. These things take time and negotiating and patience in abundance from everyone involved. Mourinho will know full well what is happening, and anything public may merely be a ploy to speed Woodward up in getting the deals over the line. It wouldn’t be a summer supporting Manchester United without a bit if drama though, lets face it.


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