Juan Mata praises Real Madrid target David De Gea; but is he going?

David De Gea is talk of the town at the minute. Everywhere you look there is speculation and panic in unison. Juan Mata has waded in with his opinion on the £40 million rated Spaniard in the Daily Star.

QPR played their cards as we expected and they were also dangerous when sending long balls to the attacking players, bit David, once again, was a wall.”

And De Gea being a wall is a recurring theme. Especially in the last 18 months. Unfortunately the anxiety does not lie with the previous 18 months, but the next, as the young Goalkeeper’s contract expires and the vultures circle. And one particular vulture is hungrier than the rest.

As soon as Real Madrid’s name is mentioned a panic sets in and a defeatist attitude follows. Its believed a foregone conclusion that they will get their man (as they so often do). But there has to be an exception to prove the rule, and De Gea could well be that exception.

The sheer panic (a word that will appear a lot in this article) tends to blind everyone and result in instant defeat for fans. The fact of the matter is, it’s different now. Like him or loathe him, Louis van Gaal brings about a calm to proceedings but also the fear that if something doesn’t get sorted then heads will roll.

To claim I am not a bit perturbed by the amount of time it has taken to sign him up would be a lie, it’s concerning when Woodward and Co are comfortable enough to wait and wait without care or concern about our prized asset. Queens Park Rangers was his ninth clean sheet this season, and for a side having a ‘bad season’ that isn’t bad going at all. Everyone knows how important he has been the last two seasons, but it’s about transferring that to the people who matter.

I don’t fear he will leave for Madrid, not this time around anyway. Being Atlético bred a move to Real would be comparable only to a United/Liverpool switch (as Manchester City aren’t as big a club) and would be seen as a horrible betrayal. He seems happy at United, there is no talk of dissent ever or even notion towards it. He wants to stay. He knows because of United he is the player he is now. The last real factor is the fans. The adulation he receives here wont be emulated in any way at Real, and who doesn’t love a bit of adulation?


If he is to leave then the hysteria that will inevitably follow will be nothing but naïve. Our number two is Víctor Valdés and the young Serbian Vanja Milinković-Savić is highly rated and would have the best possible chance of excelling should De Gea leave. And then if he does leave, the deal being spoken about is Gareth Bale (probably the third best player in the world) in exchange. Who are we to say no to that!? And as far as negotiating goes, the ball would very much be in our court. We don’t need anything they have and have something they covet so hard.

I honestly believe De Gea won’t go. But if he does then I won’t be surprised. I’ll be waiting for the ‘de Gea back to United’ rumours to start, but I won’t be surprised. If he does, a World Cup winner will just have to do for the meantime, won’t he?


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