Kroos: Why I Rejected Manchester United And Co For Real Madrid

It was a saga that raged on for the lions share of the summer. The latest in a long line of midfield targets that were ‘signed 100%’ but were presented to the media in another teams colours. It all rings so familiar. The Daily Star report just why Toni Kroos chose the European Champions over United in the summer.

Talking to Die Welt, Kroos revealed the opportunity to play with the best player in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo, coupled with the Spanish giants ‘family feel’ were what lured him to the La Liga side. It finally gives some insight into the question we were all asking when Los Blancos unveiled him; ‘WHY DIDN’T WE SIGN HIM!?’.

According to Kroos, Madrid was the “challenge I sought after my long and successful career at Bayern” and that “Madrid, Bayern, Barcelona and Chelsea are the four greats right now. So I just changed one for another”.

The fact we weren’t mentioned does show a sign of the times, but also doesn’t completely answer why he wasn’t signed by van Gaal and Co this summer. It offers an insight as I said, but it doesn’t completely tell us what we want to know.


One can’t help but read into things a little further in the search for closure. Going purely on assumptions, if we were to have made a bid at the same time as Real, we were never going to be in a position to sign him. He would have chosen Spain over Manchester. The chance to play with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo apparently considered greater than strutting his stuff alongside Anderson. Assuming this was common knowledge, Woodward may well have chosen not to go for him for that reason. Any move would have had to have been before the World Cup, and we didn’t get our act together until the 3rd week of August.

There’s no point crying over spilt milk. And the matter has been put well and truly to bed. It is, however, interesting United weren’t considered as one of the ‘four giants’ by the German. And it is implied anyone other than those four would have been a step down. David Moyes claimed he would have signed Kroos if he were still in charge, based on this they were just the words of a bitter man.

Real are welcome to him, is he that good really? (Yes). It was a missed opportunity, and a mistake the boardroom won’t make again. Hopefully in 12 months time it won’t be another case of ‘Why I didn’t join’ but ‘why I did’. Here’s to hoping, anyway.


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