Kylian Mbappe linked to Manchester United, this summer may be too soon for him

Kylian Mbappe is a player who has seen speculation surrounding him run rife over the last few weeks. The French 18-year-old is certainly a player for the future, maybe even one for the now if you are going to look at his exploits in Ligue 1 for AS Monaco this season, he certainly has developed himself into a fine forward with a lot to offer his club. It is only natural that Mbappe is linked to big clubs, as talent and big clubs seem to make it all work in the favour of the world media, who seem to write endless stories on the player going here, there and everywhere. This season has been a rise to the top for Mbappe, making 36 appearances for Monaco to date; 22 starts and 14 appearances as a substitute. In those 36 matches, the Frenchman has scored 22 goals, assisting in a further five. He has had 65 shots on goal, of which 45 were on target. This means that Mbappe has scored in 61% of his matches played, averaging 1.80 shots per match; 1.25 on target. In terms of shots, 2.95 will be needed to gain Mbappe a goal, statistically, in terms of shots on target, 2.04 will result in a goal. 69% of Mbappe’s shots this season have been on target, with 49% resulting in a goal, which is not bad for the teenager.

What is being reported and by who?

There is a lot currently being reported about Mbappe, whether that links him to Manchester United, or not. The Mirror recently reported that the 18-year-old will be targeted by both United and Arsenal this summer, both teams needing to strengthen their forward line. The Metro have reported that the player has been advised by Radamel Falcao to opt for a La Liga transfer if he wants to leave Monaco. This would be good advice for the teenager as Falcao has endured two tough seasons in the Premier League, failing to make his mark as the prolific striker many thought he was, rekindling that form in Ligue 1 for Monaco this season. Earlier in the week, The Guardian reported that United had a £72 million bid rejected for the player, which was counter-acted by Sky Sports, who said United had not bid on the French player. The Express have reported that the Frenchman has his heart set on a move to the Santiago Bernabeu this summer, however, these reports do come from Real Madrid’s mouthpiece, Marca. The Bleacher Report carried a story which came from French outlet Le 10 Sport which states Jorge Mendes was believed to be a mediator in bringing both United and Monaco together in a proposed £80 million deal for the Frenchman. There are plenty of reports, none of which seem to corroborate anything at this moment in time.

What type of player is Kylian Mbappe?

Kylian Mbappe maybe the hottest property in the footballing world right now, but the wrong move could be make or break for his career. Mbappe has been compared, albeit by Arsene Wenger, to Thierry Henry for his style of play. I remember the same being said for Anthony Martial just over a year or so ago now. Henry himself has stated that the player has something special, stating that if he kept his head on his shoulders, everything would come naturally for him. Mbappe has the ability to make a name for himself in the world of football, playing around the last defender, hugging around them ready to break free to get the ball and achieve his shot. Mbappe has had a much rounder game that Henry had at the same stage of his career – he can finish comfortably with both feet, also using his powerful frame to score which his head, which is some great ability at such an early age. Mbappe can beat his man on the dribble also using his strength and pace to his advantage. His movement off the ball is something too, finding gaps with dangerous runs into the box. It is far to see why some of the biggest clubs in the world are looking at Mbappe this summer.

Likelihood of the transfer?

Right now, we are just seeing the recycling of stories day after day. One day linked to United, then Arsenal, then Real Madrid. Your Barcelona’s, Chelsea’s and other clubs will be linked at some point, creating a story, which may not exactly be true, for everyone to read. Then before you know it, the player moves to a completely different club or stays put, then you get the ‘Mbappe snubbed United for Madrid’ stories coming out, despite it probably not being the case. Mbappe, despite being a talent in the game this season, at 18 it would be a big surprise for him to leave Monaco. They have a great player in their ranks and cashing in on his could hamper his entire career, especially if he goes to a league that he will have trouble breaking into. The Premier League is tough. Anthony Martial had a great first season, but this season has not been the same for him, which may not all be down to the league with his personal life seeing its fair share of troubles. Mbappe, should he be the type of player that would be clouded by the fee paid, which could stretch to €100 million or more, that could hamper him too as the media would have their attention surrounding him for every minute, knocking him when he does not achieve. If I was Kylian Mbappe, I would not make a rash decision to move this summer, at 18, his development needs to continue, it might in a tough league, but if it doesn’t, his entire future in the game could be at risk.

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