Louis van Gaal to announce shock choice of manager? No chance!

So often the figures of ridicule, our friends at the Metro are at it once again. One surprising thing about the latest journalistic masterpiece is that it isn’t a completely made up transfer rumour. This time, Sean Kearns has plumbed for the painfully obvious, click bait angle that leads you to believe he is paid per hit. Hoping to be the man to break a huge revelation, what he has done instead is reiterate news from as far back as March, if not earlier.

The tagline reads ‘Revealed! Van Gaal says this shock choice will be Man United’s next manager’ and underneath it states ‘This would be a pretty bold choice from Van Gaal’. It gets the juices flowing – who could it be!? Roberto Martinez?  Eric Cantona? Sammy Lee? If it’s such a shocking decision then surely it can’t be an obvious move like Pep Guardiola or Ryan Giggs. I’m afraid so. The shock revelation is Ryan Giggs is Louis van Gaal’s choice to succeed him in 2017.

The most shocking thing about the article is the word count. It honestly is. Not only did Ryan Giggs take the reigns following David Moyes’ departure, but Van Gaal has stated in press conferences before that Giggs would be his choice after he leaves. What the Metro have done here is provide some top quality click bait to lure the unsuspecting fan in and boost their figures.

I would normally hope to be refreshed by the Metro taking itself away from transfer rumours – it must have been a slow news day, or the lad that writes the names for the hat was off and they’ve used all the ones he’d written previously. But to see an article like this is just,  well it isn’t even angering, it’s disheartening; he was paid to write it.

Perhaps I might being harsh, though. The subject itself is somewhat newsworthy, and the actual headline of the article is nothing like the tag line used for the link. The standard is much of the same (five paragraphs with as few lines as possible and plenty of absolute certain doubt laden throughout) and there really is nothing within the main body to take issue with (aside from the grossly small word count). But what really makes the blood boil is the click baiting that has shamelessly been used, the misleading nature of the ‘bold choice’ used as a steak is to a lion is exactly what is wrong with how journalism is going in this country.

Ryan Giggs being named as successor is no shock to anybody at all. Even those that believe it could be Pep Guardiola know in their heart of hearts that it will be Giggs in the driving seat once the Dutchman hangs up his tie. So, to the Metro I say nice try, valiant as ever. But you must try harder, nobody is fooled by your languid attempts at luring in unsuspecting victims. Still, it was nice to read something that didn’t link Manchester United to another ageing Juventus striker, wasn’t it?


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