Manchester have a future Ballon d’Or winner in Paul Pogba

Despite only being two games into the season, Manchester United fans have undoubtedly already been impressed by their team’s exhilarating start and two players who have certainly caught the eye are the two French stars, Anthony Martial and Paul Pogba. Arguably, both Pogba and Martial are the club’s two hottest and most promising prospects, as despite being at the ages of just 24 and 22, the two are already recognised as world-class players.

Both players have managed to register a couple of goals and an assist each during United’s opening two games of the season, with fans expecting this devastating form to be produced on a consistent basis, with the hope of bringing the Premier League trophy back to Old Trafford. Admittedly, the 2016/17 campaign was a rather stop-start one for both players, with Pogba needing time to adapt to Premier League life and Martial struggling to replicate his explosive form that he showcased during his debut season.

However, as mentioned, both Pogba and Martial have certainly hit the ground running during this new season and are two players who are certainly receiving praise across the whole of the United fan base. In fact, it has not just been fans that have been signing the praises of players, but the players themselves have also been no strangers in talking up the level of quality in the current squad. Martial himself has recently been praising his international teammate and partner in crime, claiming that he is arguably the best midfielder in the world. Speaking in an interview with MUTV, Martial stated:

“Paul is very mentally strong and he is very sure of himself. He is a big guy, he is very technical on the ball and he has lots of endurance. I would say he is probably the best midfield player in the world. He is still young, too, so he has a lot to work on and he can get even better. As a person you can see he is always the same. He is funny, always smiling, he doesn’t take himself too seriously, I always see him laughing and he is a good friend of mine. He is the same person on and off the pitch, and he’ll continue to be like this.”

Claiming somebody to be the ‘best midfielder in the world’ is certainly a big statement to make, but in this case, it is not an absurd one, particularly following Pogba’s talent, that is evident for all to see. As mentioned, Pogba did take his time to adapt to Premier League life last season but is now flourishing on the field, looking more and confident with every game he plays. A large amount of credit to the improvement in Pogba’s play must, of course, be given to new recruit Nemanja Matic, as with the big Serb now sitting in front of the defence, Pogba is now granted a license to roam around and thus influence the game in a more attacking manner.

The confidence and swagger that Pogba possesses certainly does place him alongside the rest of Europe’s elite and Martial believes the sky is the limit for his teammate, even claiming that he could one day win the Ballon d’Or. Speaking in the same interview, Martial continued in stating:

“If he continues to play and improve like he is doing then I think he is also going to win the Ballon d’Or award in the next five years.”

 Again, this is another big statement to make, but it all simply stems from the amount of quality that Pogba evidently possesses. At just the age of 24, there is certainly still time for the Frenchman to develop and grow into something even better, whilst the same argument could also be said for Martial himself.

Written by Joshua Gmerek-Iftakhar


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