Manchester United and Chelsea blamed for Radamel Falcao failure

Vice-president of AS Monaco, Vadim Vasilyev has blamed Manchester United and Chelsea for Radamel Falcao’s miserable time in England. The Mirror reports that Vasilyev believes the Colombian striker was not given enough time to recover from injury. He was quoted as saying:

“Both clubs in England failed to relaunch him, I don’t know whether Manchester United and Chelsea did not have the patience or the desire to do that but I am quite sure this year we will see Falcao at his previous best. 

“He is the same Falcao as he ever. We’ve seen that in pre-season. He scores goals, he’s there and he is motivated, we are motivated and I think this will be his year. You have to be patient but the big clubs have other topics on their agenda.

If you sign a player of this magnitude after a big injury it takes time and games to get him back into shape. This is what we will do and what Manchester United and Chelsea didn’t do, failed to do or didn’t want to do.”

It is certainly a controversial statement to make considering the shape Falcao arrived in, considering he was still recovering from a serious ACL injury. In addition, spending two years in such a physical and competitive league like the Premier League and training with top players day in day out, will have help Falcao develop in certain areas of his game There’s no doubting as well that Falcao returned to Monaco in better shape than when he arrived in England as a result of his time in the Premier League. The former Atletico Madrid poacher has returned to Monaco hoping to reignite his career amongst Europe’s elite starring with a Champion’s League clash against Tottenham Hotspur on Wednesday night.

There’s no doubting the motivation Falcao had to be successful in England as he scored a few goals here and there for United and Chelsea, but perhaps his game just wasn’t suited to the fast and direct pace of English football. But for Vasilyev to state that the big clubs have to be patient when someone is returning from injury is ludicrous. For example, Falcao made 29 appearances for Manchester United, so he was given plenty of chances and plenty of time. He wasn’t rushed back into the first team for either United or Chelsea either so to suggest either club wasn’t patient is ridiculous. There is also an obvious gulf in class between Ligue 1 and the Premier League.

For example, David Luiz has looked like a world class player in Ligue 1 and he’s the type of player to make you wonder; “If he’s a professional footballer, how am I not?!”. Falcao, judging from his stints at other clubs obviously has the quality to produce the magic in Ligue 1, and maybe a few years ago he would have produced the magic in England too. I bet most people can remember his demolition of Chelsea in the UEFA Super Cup a few years ago. But his ACL injury clearly affected his pace, his movement, and he was probably weary of re-injuring it again. I don’t believe United or Chelsea failed to “relaunch” Falcao, I think the Colombian failed to relaunch himself during his time in England.


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