Manchester United legends praise Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Of the three signings made by Manchester United so far, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is arguably the most exciting one. With the addition of the striker, United grows depth in the attacking third and gives relief to Marcus Rashford who was the primary striker for United at the end of last season. His signing brings promise to United fans who want an entertaining front line compared to that of Louis van Gaal’s squad. The excitement regarding the Swede does not stop at the fans, it also is shown by United legends. Former United captain Bryan Robson appears to be thrilled with the inclusion of Ibrahimovic. 

“Zlatan is 34 and it would have been nice to get him at 28 or 29, something like that, but the way he played for PSG last year showed he has a lot to offer still and he looks really fit.

“I think back to Sir Alex’s last year when everybody talked about Robin van Persie’s age and his injuries when he joined, but he won us the title with his goals that season. Hopefully Zlatan can do the same.

“He will take the pressure off Wayne Rooney as well. Every time we’ve had a bad result the excuse is that Wayne didn’t play particularly well. The pressure has always been on him to perform and Zlatan will take that away from Wayne a wee bit, so Wayne can relax and enjoy his game.

“Zlatan gave a great interview when the reporter told him that he’d previously described himself as 10 out of 10 and asked how he would rate himself now… Zlatan said 11 out of 10!”

Ibrahimovic will train with his United team-mates for the first time after the club returned from a failed pre-season tour in China. The Red Devils fell 4-1 to a seasoned Borussia Dortmund side in Shanghai but the match against Manchester City in Beijing was cancelled due to weather and poor pitch conditions caused by the storms. Ibrahimovic was not part of the team that travelled to China because of his time in France for the European Championships. Though Sweden was knocked out in the group stage, Ibrahimovic still elected to take time off and get ready for the long Premier League season ahead. The 34-year-old will help some of the younger players with his experience at high levels of football, which Ji-Sung Park is looking forward to.

“Yeah I think the club needs a big character like him. He has a lot of experience and then he can show his character in the dressing room and on the pitch. He can influence the players and particularly the young players. They can learn a lot from him and then show it on the pitch.”

The new No. 9 of Old Trafford has not been fazed by injuries as he ages. It is not expected that Ibrahimovic sees every minute of every match under Jose Mourinho, who is a close friend of his. All eyes will be on Ibrahimovic when he plays his first match in a United kit, which could be as soon as Saturday, July 30 when the club travels to Gothenburg, Sweden to play Turkish side Galatasaray in a final warm-up match before the Community Shield against Leicester City. Ibrahimovic has never played in the Premier League in his distinguished career, which means that there will be an uncertainty around how well he will perform in England. From top to bottom, the league is far more competitive than any other league in the world, which could hinder the potential success of Ibrahimovic. He will have to work with players he has never played with before, but under Mourinho, there is a good chance that the system will be similar to how he has played before.

Written by Shawn Medow


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