Manchester United linked to Thomas Muller but it is not what it seems

Manchester United could reportedly relaunch their pursuit for Bayern Munich forward Thomas Muller this summer after the Bundesliga champions signed James Rodriguez from Real Madrid on loan on a two-year deal. The Mirror and The Daily Star have reported the claims, which seem to come from the former, somewhat a hypothetical comment in an article entitled ‘What James Rodriguez’s move to Bayern Munich could mean for Alexis Sanchez, Alvaro Morata, Kylian Mbappe and more‘. The article gets to the point with a sub-headline, ‘United reignite Muller interest’, which gives the hypothetical suggestion of United reigniting their previous interest in the German attacking midfielder. The article states:

“There has been interest for a number of years – but could this be the summer Manchester United finally move for Thomas Muller? Remarkably, the German’s future is again in question having barely played under Carlo Ancelotti last term. United would have to pay a big fee to get Muller but in terms of productivity and goals, there are few better in his position. Bayern would be foolish to let him go but don’t rule out Jose making a move.”

United were interested in Muller under the management of Louis van Gaal, but with Jose Mourinho arriving at the club last summer, the interest seemed to have died. The Portuguese manager is trying to sign Inter Milan winger Ivan Perisic and despite different reports stating that either United are closing in on the player or Inter are looking to hold onto the player, asking for a very high price should the transfer actually be sanctioned. Mourinho may have to start to look at secondary options and Muller might actually be on that list this summer. I doubt it but you never know.

Muller made 42 appearances for Bayern Munich last season, despite the hypothetical report in The Mirror stating that Muller barely played under Carlo Ancelotti last season, which cannot be something which was researched which underlines the quality of ‘journalism’ in England. It makes you wonder why these people, who are obviously paid for their work do a half-arsed job at hand, alluding to something which is probably not happening – all for the sake of attracting hits to their advert filled national newspaper websites. I thought journalism from about informing people, rather than making something up without suitable information, therefore peddling a fake rumour just to earn some cash.

Muller would no doubt be a great signing but Bayern Munich runs through his veins and it is doubtful he will ever leave the Allianz Arena, so this suggestion is nothing but click-bait journalism, which does seem to be the norm these days. Some journalists get paid a living to write fabricated drivel like this, then before you know it, a foreign site makes the report and then English sites start to report from the foreign report, a massive deal is made of nothing and supporters become frustrated and agitated because they believe the reports, hardly anyone looks back into a rumour to find the starting point and then sections of supporters call for the manager to be sacked because the player did not come to the club, the player who the club were probably never interested in. Roll on the 31st August or that day Mourinho announces his transfer business has been concluded.

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