Manchester United must be built around Marcus Rashford and Paul Pogba

There is no doubting the abundance of talent within the Manchester United squad, which has been seen during the management of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer over the past few months. Against all odds, United has risen to the challenges of the season, propelled themselves into a fight for a top four finish in the Premier League, also earning a UEFA Champions League quarter-final clash with Barcelona.

Under Solskjaer, both Marcus Rashford and Paul Pogba emerged as driving forces within the squad. Rashford has scored eight goals, assisting twice under Solskjaer with Pogba scoring nine goals and seven assists under the Norwegian. The pair has seemingly gone off the boil of late but there is no doubting their talents. It is something that has been noticed by a former player of the club, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

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Ibrahimovic is now into his second season playing in the MLS for LA Galaxy but recently sat down to an interview with the Mirror, speaking to Andy Dunn. It was in that interview that his praise for the United duo has come to light with the suggestion that United should do everything within their power to get behind them as they ‘have the world at their feet’. Speaking about the duo that he spent 18 months with, Ibrahimovic said:

“I think Paul Pogba has the potential to be the best player in the world in his position. He is a good guy, he trains hard, he listens, he wants to become better, he wants to win. He wants to perform in every game.

“Things happening outside do not really bother him because when you are at that level, everyone will speak. Positive, negative, in between, everybody.

“Rashford is the future of Manchester United. In the beginning, I saw him more as an individual – now he is playing more for the collective. He is using his quality more for the team, not for himself only.

“He has big potential and a big future with United and the special thing is that he comes from the academy. I think he has no limits.”

It is clear that Ibrahimovic respects both Pogba and Rashford and his time at United would have given the duo a lot of knowledge of the game, of which they will both be thankful for. Personally, I thought Ibrahimovic was a great signing for United and it brought some hope and courage for the squad to move on from the doldrums into a period that defined the success of the club.

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I believe that both Pogba and Rashford have the skill and the talent to become world stars of the game. Whilst the Jose Mourinho era of the club cannot be forgotten, the Portuguese manager had instilled something into the pair which has helped them evolve. Ensuring that continues is something that Solskjaer and the hierarchy of the club will need to manage. Hopefully, both remain at the club for a long time.

The one thing that worries me is the fact that Florentin Pogba has never really stopped talking about his brother and the fact he would improve at clubs such as Manchester City, Real Madrid and Barcelona. This talk just does not come from nowhere, there would have to be a conversation between the siblings which started this, which makes me think United could just be a stepping stone for Pogba. I hope I am wrong.

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