Manchester United players know Marouane Fellaini is not up to the job

Marouane Fellaini. Where do you begin? Since joining Manchester United in rather sour circumstances way back in 2014 the Belgian has been through rather a lot and now three managers in what is relatively a short space of time. Some weeks he is absolutely unplayable, he uses his physicality and THAT chest touch to devastating effect and gives perhaps a glimpse into why the former manager signed the man more affectionately known as ‘The Tree’ by fans. Unfortunately, and this may well be the root (pun intended) of his issues, most weeks he is best described as a hindrance. His footballing ability is quite simply not up to scratch, and if he isn’t being booked for stupid challenges he is laying on goals for the opposition (see Jamie Vardy at Wembley). Where we all have our own opinions on Fellaini, throwing in his two pence worth Paul Parker, speaking exclusively to 888Sport, said:

“It’s not about being a Manchester United player anymore, it’s about being a Mourinho player. Fellaini doesn’t fit that style. He’s a big fella but not the quickest. Look at Mata who can cover the ground fast but also play a simple pass. Fellaini can’t do that and even the Manchester United players would think he’s the one they want to be shifted on. He doesn’t fit into their team.”

And you find it hard to disagree with what the former United full-back is saying. Perhaps Fellaini was suited to his two former bosses, but certainly not Jose Mourinho. And aside from that, I would never call him a ‘United player’ in a month of Sundays, in fact, he is the anti-United. You see his name on the team sheet and groan (well I do anyway) and he is one of those players that finding good in their game is so difficult because he simply does not belong in the team most fans envisage.

Looking back a bit mind, you have to feel for him. His effort is never in doubt, he does genuinely give his all. And when he signed the club had been chasing the likes of Thiago Alcantara and missed out on him to Bayern Munich, he was on a hiding to nothing from day one if truth be told. Perhaps my judgement is slightly harsh with these factors taken into account, but then you remember the fee and just how poor he is on a week-by-week basis and suddenly it’s justified. If I were to be able to get shot of one player, without a second thought Fellaini would be that player. Even in spite of that wondrous chest.

Read the full 888sport interview with Paul Parker, including his thoughts on why this is a defining season for ‘overweight’ Rooney and whether Pogba will live up to his price-tag


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