Manchester United versus Liverpool; some of the greatest victories against our fiercest rivals


Manchester United face Liverpool in the Guinness International Champions Cup at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami this evening (or early hours of the morning here in the UK). Both teams have a rivalry which is a passionate thing, although both sets of supporters regularly cross the fine like and throw insults about the various tragedies each team have encountered over the years, which is the ugly side of football and should not be ridiculed at all by any supporter, but in this day an age with the rise of social media and the ‘keyboard warriors’ it is something that will just proliferate. Anyway, enough of that, we are here because of the football. Both teams have played some good matches over the years, the encounters between the two teams last season will be something that United supporters will want to forget, and now we have a new manager in Louis van Gaal, who seems to have done a good job with the squad on pre-season, those dark days of last season could well be behind us.

Our friends at Campo Retro have come up with a few matches that United supporters will remember fondly, along with the retro shirts that were worn during the matches, which they currently sell on their website. Retro shirts have seen a rise in sales over the past few season, what with the official club shirts changing every summer and costs rising rather than falling, retro seems to be very popular once again. With the Adidas deal less than a year from commencing, the shirt up until the summer of 1992 are again a popular sight among the clubs supporters, and those shirts were the ones throughout my childhood that I will remember. The Adidas shirts to me were the ones that I will consider as the best shirts in my time of being a United supporter, but Umbro did also make some good ones; the 1999 Home shirt and the Champions League shirt are the ones I liked from that period.

Here are a few video reminders of some great matches against Liverpool with the shirts, available from Campo Retro, which would be a good addition to any supporters collection.

On the 31st October 1990, Manchester United beat Liverpool 3-1 in the third round of the Rumbelows League Cup with Steve Bruce, Mark Hughes and Lee Sharpe all scoring for United. Ray Houghton scored Liverpool’s only goal at Old Trafford that day. Here is a reminder of that match…

United 91 Hughes Sharpe

Campo Retro currently sell the 1990/92 home shirt…

On the 11th May 1996, Manchester United played Liverpool at Wembley in the FA Cup Final, which was another great occasion for the Red Devils, beating their North West rivals with an 85th minute volley by the one and only Eric Cantona. I also remember those cream-coloured Emporio Armani suits, which were shocking. Here is a video of that Cantona goal…


Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 07.50.33

Campo Retro currently sell the 1994/96 home shirt

Later that year on the 12th October 1996, Manchester United beat Liverpool 1-0 with a goal by David Beckham from the edge of the box in the Premiership. This was the start of things to come with the Class of 92 being prevalent in this Manchester United side. Here is a reminder of that goal…

United 98 Beckham

Campo Retro currently sell the 1996/98 home shirt

The last of our memorable matches again Liverpool was the one from the treble winning season in the FA Cup fourth round on the 24th January 1999. United beat their rivals 2-1 with goals from Dwight Yorke and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in the last two minutes of the match, after Michael Owen scored for Liverpool in the first three minutes of the match. United liked to leave it late that season…

United 99 Yorke Solskjaer

Campo Retro currently sell the 1998/00 home shirt

Over the years there have been some great victories against Liverpool, there is a chance we have not covered your favourite victory here, but by all means let us know in the comments section, we would love to read about your memories of matches against Liverpool whether it was a win, a draw or a loss. I am sure there will be many more victories against our fiercest rivals in the future, starting with the match tonight in Miami. We do need to pay them back after last season.

If you are tempted to order one of the retro shirts shown here, or in fact any other shirts that Campo Retro offers, we can give you 20% off your order if you use MUFCL20 at the checkout. They deliver to many countries around the world so you won’t miss out. Campo Retro. Retro Reinvented. Make sure you have a look at their website, there is bound to be something you will want to add to your collection, I have many of their shirts in mine…



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